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Cut A Little Off
Artist: Ge Yajing
Curator: 王垚力
Time: 2022.11.19 - 2023.01.09
Address: 北京市朝阳区天圆祥泰大厦5层

The exhibition presents the artist's recent works from 2021 to the present, including special-shaped paintings and conventional paintings. All works are created with mixed materials, including acrylic, oil powder sticks, cloth, spray paint, oil paint and other media. This exhibition is a collection of representative works of artist Ge Yajing.

In the last two years, Ge Yajing has continued to explore composite material painting. Relying on her keen intuition to select and use different materials, and then rational thinking and re-examination of the picture, she constantly overturned and reconstructed it. After countless times of deconstruction and reshaping, she finally produced the original The ingenious and reasonable balance that can be achieved between opposing and repelling substances. The use of a knife is often the first step in Ge Yajing's creative stage, and it is also the most important means in her practice. In the slow and smooth cutting and sliding, the sharp knife flexibly removes the excess, leaving enough bones to accurately construct a complete picture.

When we add the quantifier "a cluster" that originally described flowers to "knife", the power formed by gathering and accumulating adds a touch of tension that is released wantonly. In Ge Yajing's seemingly collaged paintings, under the energy of clustering, overlapping, and publicity, there is an oriental aesthetics of violence dominated by restraint, restraint, and restraint.

Curator Wang Yaoli

artist introduction Ge Yajing was born in Luoyang in 1990. Graduated from graduate school in 2016, now lives and works in Beijing. HER (Xiaoshan Gallery, Beijing, 2022). NO MORE PARTIES TONIGHT (solo exhibition, WE SPACE, Shanghai, 2021). The Shape of a Lover (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2020). POWER Quan (solo exhibition, ARCH GALLERY, Changsha, 2020). Storm Valley (ARCH GALLERY, Changsha, 2020). ART 021 (ARCH GALLERY—formerly Wutong Gallery). 100 artists, 100 gifts (TX Huaihai eXt LAB x Screen Room, Shanghai, 2020).

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