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Born in Luoyang in 1990. Graduated as a graduate student in 2016, now lives and works in Beijing. HER (Xiaoshan Gallery, Beijing, 2022) NO MORE PARTIES TONIGHT (solo exhibition, WE SPACE, Shanghai, 2021) The Shape of a Lover (Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2020) POWER Quan (solo exhibition, ARCH GALLERY, Changsha, 2020) Storm Valley (ARCH GALLERY, Changsha, 2020) ART 021 (ARCH GALLERY—formerly Wutong Gallery) 100 artists, 100 Gifts (TX Huaihai NeXt LAB x Screen Room, Shanghai, 2020) West Bund Art & Design Fair (Shanghai West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, 2019) SUPRA SENSE Visual Art Fair (National Agricultural Exhibition Hall) , Beijing, 2019) Skin Color (Common Place, Beijing, 2019) ANDY'S JOKE (AC Gallery, Beijing, 2019) Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai World Trade Center, Shanghai, 2019) nDepth Perception (Guomao Mall, Beijing, 2019) The power of freedom as ever (Rongke Information Center, Rong Space, Beijing, 2019) The other party is typing... (Continuously updated in the next six months, AC Gallery ,Beijing, 2019-2020) Summer Art Season (Quanyechang, Beijing, 2019) Lightly-Ge Hui Collection Exhibition (Rongyi Art Museum, Shanghai, 2019) ARTMOMENTS Meeting (Online, 2019) Hou Lang (AC GALLERY, Beijing, 2019) "Ocean" Slime Engine Offline Exhibition (MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2019) DECEMBER 31 IS A MONDAY ,WHAT A SHAME THERE IS NO EXHIBITION!(Tianjin, Feng Shui Treasure Space, 2018) The Birth of V-Painting at Beiying (Beijing, Ying Space, 2018) Jinan International Photography Art Biennale Experiment Unit (Jinan, 2018) AMNUA Curatorial Research Program (Nanjing Art Academy Art Museum, 2018) Real Life MartinGoyaBusiness (Hangzhou, 2018) Qingjin Project 2018 (Beijing Zhengguan Art Museum, 2018) New Star Art Museum Moca Star Opening Exhibition (Nanjing Deji New Star Art Museum, Nanjing, 2017) Young Artist Program of Circle Art Center (Circle Art Center, Shenzhen, 2017) "Parasite" ( Circle Art Center, Shenzhen, 2017) The 7th New Star Art Festival Jury's Nomination Award (Rainbow Box, Zhengzhou, 2016) National Art Fund - Fanxing Project Tour (Beijing, Tianjin, Seoul, Tokyo, Miami, 2016) Shanghai Youth Art Fair (Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai , 2016) Multi-dimensional group exhibition (Nanjing Pioneer Contemporary Art Center, Nanjing, 2016) Shanghai Art Fair Youth Promotion Exhibition (Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Center, Shanghai, 2015)
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