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ArtPro debuts more than 100 new digital artworks

27 Jan 2022, 20:00

In 2021, digital art is quickly becoming one of the most valuable art forms of our time. The art world is rapidly changing with the introduction of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. In particular, 2021 has seen a spike in digital art sales, with many high-profile artists and brands exploring new ways of selling their work through blockchain technology.

[Three Features of ArtPro Digital Art]

The overall digital art market will be very prosperous in 2022. The activity of its transactions is not limited to the auction market, but also produces a large number of digital artworks and digital artists in the primary market composed of major platforms. As the world's leading art investment platform, ArtPro deeply analyzes and tracks the development trend of the art market to meet the needs of collectors. The timely launch of the digital artwork section presents three main features:

1. Closely integrated with the art auction market

Digital art is the intersection of blockchain and art. The collision of the two ideas has brought great vitality, but it has also created a big gap: not all blockchain engineers understand art, and not all works of art are suitable for digitalization. . In this way, two different styles of trading venues, auction houses and online, have been gradually formed. The best combination of artistry and new technology is what this field has been exploring.

At ArtPro, we combine the world's leading art auction data with massive on-chain data, analyze the acceptance of different art styles in the auction market and on-chain markets, and find the best combination of new blockchain technology and traditional art .

At the beginning of the creation of ArtPro's digital art section, we will select and launch the most growing digital artworks based on our ability to observe the market and our friendly and cooperative relationship with the auction market.

2. The world's leading technology of digital art

Under the leadership of MasterWu, the ArtPro technical team focused on the research and development of the underlying technology of the blockchain and the application of the blockchain in art market, and launched an autonomous and controllable high-performance blockchain ArtPro chain (aka AP Chain). In addition to the advantages of traditional blockchains such as high security, high transparency, high autonomy, and immutability, the AP chain is also deeply optimized for art transactions in terms of transaction speed and on-chain cost.

3. Safe and active online art investment ecology

Using ArtPro App's global coverage of 1 million collectors and a blockchain-based high-security trading system, ArtPro aims to become the most professional, most active, and safest digital collection trading market in the art field. In order to provide artists and collectors with a first-class trading experience and become the preferred trading platform, we will introduce the governance concept of DAO, and invite users to participate in the governance of the platform and share the dividends obtained from the development of the platform.

[Selected artists]

ArtPro launches a series of digital artworks for the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival. The artists include:

Qin Guoqiang, an independent illustrator, now lives in Beijing. The author of the Best Internet Popularity Award in the 34th Golden Rooster Poster Design Competition "Rooster Gaze".  
"All persistence comes from inner love"

Li Na
Graduated from the Material and Expression Studio of the School of Chinese Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, with a master's degree, and a member of the China Artists Association. Good at creating all kinds of vivid animal images with love.

"TaMen+ (They+)"
An art group founded in 2002 by artists Lai Shengyu & Yang Xiaogang. Both artists graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a major in printmaking. They use a humorous and interesting artistic language to present the world in the eyes of "they+", a chaotic and confusing world under the globalization process.

Artists born in the 80s. Now living in Beijing, his art works include easel painting, comprehensive materials, installations, performances, and other art forms.

Zhang Jiangzhou
Chinese artist, former vice president of China National Academy of Painting and executive editor of "Ink Painting Research". He is one of the leaders of Chinese ink figure painting, and his creations often use the humanistic expression of expressionist aesthetics to pay attention to the mental state and emotional experience of contemporary people.

[Selected artworks]

Artwork 1. Red Tiger

Red tiger, tiger blessing overflowing. Good luck in the year of the tiger is fiercer than a tiger, happiness and joy are inexhaustible. "Deep red and light red charm the eyes". The Chinese red represents warmth, freedom and warmth, and there is no color comparable to it. "The tiger is the most important beast in the world", it not only represents bravery and majesty, but also has a good meaning in folklore to calm the house, get rid of demons and eliminate disasters.

Artwork 2. The Gift - Bunnybaby

Warm pink bunnies, as if you can touch the warmth and softness. Dreamy bubbles around, full of happiness, love and beauty. With love in your heart and light in your eyes, you don't have to run to the sea to be able to blossom in spring.

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The Gift - Bunnybaby(click to buy)

Artwork 3. Diaries of Lockdown Ⅰ

The sudden epidemic completely disrupted the order of human life and mercilessly destroyed the logic of human behavior; instead, it forced people to deeply reflect on their past behavior and explore a mechanism of behavior more suitable for the coexistence of individuals and others, human beings, society and nature.


Diaries of Lockdown Ⅰ(click to buy)


28 Jan 2022 13:00 UTC+08, the first batch of digital artworks will start selling

For more exciting developments in the global art market in 2022, please continue to follow ArtPro.

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