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October Auction Season | Announcing Major Lots in New York

From the auctions in first half of 2020, the art market shows great tenacity. After some extraordinary performance, the auction season in next half of year is going to begin in October. With many classic pieces lining up in multiple auctions, which attracted heavy expectation from the collectors. Now, let's follow ArtPro to discover the master oeuvre that will be showed in New York.

Contemporary Curated - Sotheby's

'Contemporary Curated' of Sotheby's New York is going to be presented in October 2rd, with more than 200 works of artists like Kenneth Noland, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Indiana and Eddie Martinez etc.

Selected Lots No1.

Kenneth Noland is a pioneer of Abstract-expressionism, he became one of the most famous artists in 1960. His minimalist artistic language of simple colors and geometry shapes bringing space, lights and rhythms to these abstractive paintings. The "Target paintings" of concentric monochrome circles is his most iconic element. In this painting, four different colors spreading out from the center, the waving outer circles created a spinning sensation. The work Blue was made in 1960, it has been sold at Sotheby's New York in May 2019 and broke Noland's personal record. Ember was created in the same year as this work.

Selected Lots No2.

Robert Indiana is an outstanding artist in the Pop Art movement in US, he was famous by the sculpture LOVE. In 1964, the first time he showed LOVE series in Stable gallery in New York has create much of a stir. They have been seen as idealism symbols of 1960s, with the letter "LO" on top of "VE" and "O" is on the verge of collapse. LOVE had evolved into multiple versions, it has been used by Museum of Modern Art for their Christmas cards in 1965, then it has been painted and made into silkscreen prints as the theme of his first large scaled sculpture exhibition in 1970 at Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Selected Lots No3.

UNTITLED created in 1993, it is a classic and elegant example of Christopher Wool's floral pattern images. Against the stark white ground of the paper,Wool employs this unique technique of roll-brushs to paint these cartoonish blooms. The overall effect is one of lush and indulgent painterliness. This exquisite cacophony of expressive abstraction work is a representative of Wool's e extraordinary ingenuity of the creative mind on art medias.

20th Century Evening Sale - Christie's

Christie's is going to has a new '20th Century Evening Sale' in October 6th, with watercolor works of Paul Cézanne in his late period; portrait of Pablo Picasso in time of war; Jackson Pollock's early drip painting and many other master pieces of top-notch artists like Cy Twombly and Mark Rothko etc.

Selected Lots No1.

Paul Cézanne, the Father of Modern art, his watercolor painting Nature Morte Avec Pot Au Lait, Melon Et Sucrier will be showed at Christie's '20th Century Evening Sale' in October 6th without appraisal. This work has carefully resolved composition with decisive colors and smooth brushstrokes. It is among a series of watercolor paintings which created between 1900 to1906 and combined all the techniques that Cézanne has learned in his whole life. Compare to his earlier still-life works, this painting is getting abstractive. It was collected by the famous art dealer Alexandre Berthier who is the 4th and last Prince of Wagram. The painting was transported to America in 1929, and has been exhibited in the first exhibition of MoMA. Then it has been collected by the Ford family in US until now.

Selected Lots No2.

Pablo Picasso has created a series of arresting portraits for his lover and muse Dora Maar during the second year after Germans occupied France, they also reflecting Picasso's inner reaction towards this situation. The upcoming work Femme Dans Un Fauteuil is one the Dora's portraits of Picasso in 1941, other works from this series have been collected by many important museums including Musée National Picasso, Kunstmuseum Basel and Neue Pinakothek. Femme Dans Un Fauteuil is going to be showed at Chriestie's New York in October 6th with an appraisal of USD $20-30 million.

Selected Lots No3.

American Abstract-expressionist master Jackson Pollock is famous by his "Drip Painting" technique. Pollock often used sticks, hardened paintbrushes or box with small holes to drip pigments onto the canvas, in order to get free lines and complicated colorful "drip paintings" The first "drip painting" of Pollock-Free Form was completed in 1946 (Now collected by MoMA in New York), then he created Red Composition which is will be showed at this auction. In 1991, Red Composition was donated by the famous philanthropist couple Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman to Everson Museum of Art. It received an estimate of USD $12-18 million at this time.

Other Selected Lots:

Post-war & Contemporary Art Day Sale - Christie's

'Post-war & Contemporary Art Day Sale' is going to open in October 7th, as one of the 20th Century art series auctions in New York, this time it will present both Eastern and Western masterpieces of Ed Ruscha, Philip Guston, Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama and Yoshitomo Nara.

Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale - Christie's

'Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale' in October 8th will mainly show paintings and sculptures from the end of 19 Century and the beginning of 20th Century, with highlight works of masters like Gustave Caillebotte, Henri Matisse and Pierre-Auguste Renoir etc.

The October auction season is approaching with many extraordinary masterpieces. ArtPro is going to make real-time podcast of the auctions in tight schedules, to help collectors selecting their favored pieces. Click auctions below to check more auction and lots information.

Contemporary Curated
Sotheby's New York
2 Oct 2020, 10:00
1334 York Avenue New York

20th Century Evening Sale
Christie's New York
6 Oct 2020, 18:30
20 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 10020 Christie's New York New York

Post-war & Contemporary Art Day Sale
Christie's New York
7 Oct 2020, 10:00
20 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 10020 Christie's New York New York

Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale
Christie's New York
8 Oct 2020, 10:00
20 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 10020 Christie's New York New York