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Wednesday at Frieze New York

8 May 2021, 11:00

Frieze New York 2021 opens Wednesday 5 May for an invitation-only preview day, alongside Frieze Viewing Room online. Opening for the first time at The Shed, Frieze New York brings together over 50 galleries from New York, the US and around the world presenting leading contemporary artists and exciting emerging names. Discover solo projects by early-career and mid-career artists in Frame, the fair's section dedicated to galleries that have been active for 10 years or less.

Look out for Olga Balema (Bridget Donahue/Hannah Hoffman, booth FR6), Dana Lok (Clima, booth FR7), Ina Archer (Microscope Gallery, booth FR2), Karon Davis (Wilding Cran Gallery, booth FR4), Henrique Pavão (Galeria Bruno Múrias, booth FR10), Douglas Rieger (Helena Anrather/Capsule Shanghai, booth FR8) and others.

Join fascinating digital events part of the Tribute to the Vision & Justice Project. Including a screening of the Mad Woman Project by Youngsook Park. Presented by Arario Gallery and accessible here at 9pm EST.

Watch Aggie (2020), a feature-length documentary that explores the nexus of art, race and justice through the story of art collector and philanthropist Agnes ‘Aggie’ Gund’s life. If you are in New York, visit Pace Gallery at 508 west 25th street to watch a screening of Professor Sarah Elizabeth Lewis’s Vision & Justice convening. Tickets to Frieze New York are now sold out.

Agustina Woodgate (Barro)
K13277993D, 2021
Price: $2,000 

An eroded US dollar banknote deconstructing money as representational medium and cancelling its value. This work belongs to Woodgate's investigation into the role of automation and its consequences for labor and value.

Alannah Farrell (Anat Ebgi)
Room 13, 2020 
Price: $ 3,000

Neither celebratory nor heroic, Alannah Farrell’s sensitive portraits portray their friends and queer community in moments of solitary contemplation, finding a productive space in reconstruction and the painful process of becoming.

Alex Katz (Allied Editions - Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture)
Skowhegan Costume Ball, 1969 
Price: $500

Andrew Ross (False Flag)
Untitled #2, 2021 
Price: $2,500

Andrew Ross is a New York-based multidisciplinary artist. His work has exhibited at The Drawing Center and at the Studio Museum in Harlem, among others.

Brenda Goodman (Sikkema Jenkins & Co.)
Did You Hear Me?, 2019 
Price: $3,600

Spanning a career of over 50 years, Brenda Goodman has relentlessly explored the physical and psychological limits of abstraction and figuration. The series combines her expressionist tendencies with figuration to reveal the innate vulnerability and power within one’s own mortality.

Damien Davis (Mrs.)
Invalid Prescription (Blackamoors Collages #497), 2021 
Price: $3,000

These new works by Damien Davis consist of laser-cut acrylic panels interconnected using stainless steel hardware displayed as wall reliefs and as freestanding sculptures. Davis’s practice explores historical representations of Blackness by seeking to unpack the visual language of various cultures and question how these societies code representations of race through craft, design, and digital modes of production.

Ina Archer (Microscope Gallery)
A Liberated Moor, Dolce, 2021 
Price: $3,000

The work portrays a Nougatine candy from the brand Venchi currently still in production, acquired as a family gift from Rome. Archer changed the usual branding on the wrapping to "A Liberated Moor.” This watercolor by Archer is one in a series of depictions of racially-charged objects the artist acquired from vintage stores. By removing the collectible from the market and the public exchange, the artist intends to “liberate” it from new cycles of ownership that prolong the effects of their intolerant symbology.

Otani Workshop (Kaikai Kiki Gallery)
TBC, 2020 
Price: $2,440

Japanese artist Otani Workshop, works with wood, iron, and other materials in addition to ceramics. Otani’s works maintain the rough texture of coarse-grained clay, which, together with their cute appearances, give them their distinct air as sculptures.

Ronny Quevedo (Allied Editions - Queens Museum)

no hay media luna / there is no half moon, 2020 
Price: $700

This edition draws upon diagrammatic references to the various ball games played daily by local immigrant communities in Queens including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and handball. All proceeds from the sales of these QM Artists Editions support the Queens Museum’s Education, Exhibitions, and Public Programs.

Zeinab Saleh (Château Shatto)
Do you know what I want to tell you?, 2021 
Price: £1,400

Like her larger paintings on canvas, Zeinab Saleh’s works on paper sublimate the artist’s encounters with music and video, a process that captures the accumulation of the personal alongside the popular. Saleh works from stills plucked from family video archives and other motion pictures to isolate details within a frame, extracting line, gesture, and atmosphere. She translates not just the forms, but the frequencies and vibrational qualities from a moving image to one that is static.

Opening Times
Wednesday Preview, May 5, 11am EST – Invitation only
Thursday Preview, May 6, 11am EST – Invitation & Frieze members only
Friday, May 7, 11am EST - Friday, May 14, midnight EST – Free access to all

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