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Beijing Gallry Report 2020 — Access of New Collectors

2 May 2021, 10:19

At the end of 2020. ArtPro and Beijing Art Gallery Association launched a questionnaire survey on the Beijing Art Gallery Association members to discuss the current situation and development of art galleries. We review and analyze this particular period to find out the trend and prospect of art galleries. Members of the Beijing Gallery Association are the core and the essential components of the Beijing gallery industry. This survey represents the overall situation of Beijing and China's gallery industry.

This report will make a comprehensive analysis and explanation from the following seven aspects: annual business situation of the galleries in 2020, business model, employment of the gallery staff, the quantity and quality of exhibitions, participation in the Art Fair, new collectors obtaining approaches, and gallery promotion methods.

Research Scope: 55galleries, members of Beijing Gallery Association

The sixth part: the acquisition of new collectors by Beijing Gallery in 2020

1. Number of new collectors of Beijing Gallery in 2020

A Proportion of new collectors

There is only a tiny gap among galleries in terms of the overall situation of expanding new collectors.

20% of galleries have new collectors accounted for less than 10%;

22% of galleries have new collectors accounted for 10-20%;

36% of galleries have new collectors accounted for 20-30%;

22% of galleries have new collectors accounted for 30%;

B Number of new collectors in Beijing Gallery

40% of galleries have new collectors less than 5;

46% of galleries have new collectors between 6-10;

2% of galleries have new collectors between 11-20;

12% of galleries have new collectors over 20;

2. Ways to expand new collectors

A General situation of Beijing Gallery

Gallery's ways to expand new collectors include opening recent exhibitions, introducing old customers, salons of collectors, art fairs, and online user transformation. The mainstream way is around exhibition activities, and social interaction among collectors is still the most significant source of expanding new customers.

83.72% of new customers are all introduced by old customers.

62.79% of new exhibitions come from new exhibition invitation.

Online turnover rate of new customers is 41.86%.

39.53% of the galleries chose this way of salon to acquire new collectors.

B Highlights

Among galleries with most new collectors (more than 30% of collectors are newly developed), 60% galleries have opened up various ways of promoting online user transformation, such as online art fairs and their own official account.

At the same time, Art Fair has also become an essential source for galleries to expand new users. Among the galleries with larger new collectors’ expansion than others, 70% think art fair is very important. Among profitable galleries, the proportion of new collectors' development and old collectors' purchase is 3:7.

Source: ArtPro