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Data report service is online

1 Jun 2020, 18:00

Since its launch, ArtPro, through the analysis of massive data and in-depth market interpretation, provides updated vision and reference for heavy users in the field of art investment and collection and is also loved by these people. Now more and more member users are interested in the ArtPro 100 Index and all kinds of data market reports. We decided to provide you with data reporting services, and you are welcome to experience it.

We are the first to give you a series of reports on the global art market in 2019 which covers topics such as Japanese pop art, street art, and Chinese contemporary art. Through the ArtPro index, we provide a more in-depth and objective analysis to reveal what’s behind the art market.

The Year of Yoshitomo Nara's Explosive Popularity, Japanese Trendy Art Trend Makes Tidal Wave!

In recent years, Japanese pop art has become the new favorite of major auction houses. In 2019, it continued to achieve good results, showing a ever-growing trend. Based on the data, let us explore the secrets of the boom in Japanese pop art together. Press here to preview detailed report

Street Art in Limelight,[Kaws almost Equal to Jean Michel Basquiat

For the past few years, "street art" seems to have opened the door to the art market and has been brought into the limelight. It is also very gratifying to see the good trend of the turnover of street artists. What has street art experienced in recent years? The report will reveal the answer for you.Press here to preview detailed report

Liu Ye becomes ‘new focus’ of Chinese Contemporary Art in 2019

In 2019, world-renowned art gallery David Zwirner announced the representation of Liu Ye. In the same year, he has taken the center stage of the Chinese contemporary art market, highly sought after by collectors. The report will tell you the whole process of his path to the “new focus”.Press here to preview detailed report

‘San Yu Fever’ creates a legend, as the Chinese master traveled to France writes a magnificent new chapter in 2019

The total turnover of the three Musketeers in France reached two peaks in 2011 and 2018. Although a slight change occurred in 2019, the overall results were unchangeable. San Yu’ s total turnover has fluctuated while showing a rising trend, setting a record high in 2019. In the ever-changing salesroom, who of these French masters is the darling of the market?Press here to preview detailed report

Focus on emerging artists worldwide in 2019, dark horses are unstoppable in the auction market

The works of new artists are always attracting worldwide attention because they can inject new ideas into the art market. In 2019, five ‘supernovae’ stood out from nearly one hundred thousand artists. They came into the collector’s vision overwhelmingly. So, who are they?Press here to preview detailed report

Never stop exploring. More excellent content is waiting for you to unlock

The ArtPro research team develops the ArtPro Index. Based on ArtPro's continuously updated and supplemented auction database, using in-depth learning, NLP, and other latest technologies, it has compiled global price index, modern/contemporary price index, and the most valuable artist index in the whole market. It aims to measure the latest price trend of the art market, provide objective and correct information, comprehensive and scientific price guidance standards for in-depth users in the field of art investment and collection.

Based on massive data, the report summarizes the relationship between the art auction market and the global economy, as well as the main trends of the art market, aiming at those artists, works, and unusual auction phenomena that deserve attention. In this way, the past, the present, and the possible future art market information can be integrated into an information net to analyze the current international art market comprehensively. We hope that through this objective and verifiable information, we can bring valuable insights for you to better understand the past and prepare for the future.

We decide to ensure you get the latest news at your convenience by providing personalized data report services and informing you with details about the artists, art categories, countries, and regions you are concerned about. We will provide professional and comprehensive ArtPro Index Reports and ArtPro Market Reports.

Touch "Get Report" at the bottom left to get the report instantly,or you can continue to follow ArtPro updates and stay tuned for more highlights.

Source: ArtPro Author: N.N