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Artist of the year Top1, René Magritte in the first quarter of 2020 newly gained fame!

The spring auction in the first quarter is the beginning of a global auction. Is it also the weather vane of René Magritte's market?

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The whole world has witnessed the waves caused by COVID-19 epidemic. Of course, the art circle has not been spared. Although the entire art world faces challenges and variables, art has never stagnated. So far, the first quarter of the 2020 spring auction has ended, and the shining artist star is giving off light and heat.

Now please follow ArtPro to come into René Magritte's art world. It is he who opened a wonderful chapter of surrealism in 2020.

1898 - 1967

René Magritte is a Belgian surrealist painter. As an artistic spirit, the surrealist school has always influenced various areas of the art world. Some people describe surrealism as "a ticket to contemporary art", showing the importance of surrealism. René Magritte, as one of its representatives, can always challenge what people are accustomed to, and make art a proposition of thinking.

2020 Opens A New Chapter,René Magritte is a Shining Star

1.Artists in the first quarter of 2020,Top1 René Magritte wins No. 1 position

Although the spring auction of 2020 has been only a short period of three months, René Magritte's market performance was particularly impressive. Although the auction was launched only in London, he won nearly US$ 40 million, temporarily taking the throne of Top 1 artist in the first quarter of 2020, and the world ranking of his total turnover went from 63rd in 2016 to 10th in 2019 and soared to No.1. This indicates that the market's attention to him has also been greatly improved.

The spring auction of each year in London is the start of René Magritte's global auction and the weather vane for his year-round auction. From 2013 to 2019, the peak of London ranking always coincided with that of the annual ranking in the first quarter.

First quarter ranking and annual ranking

In the past seven years, René Magritte's turnover-Q1 in London accounted for an average of about 40% of the total annual turnover. In the first quarter of 2019, his turnover at the London auction reached US$51 million, ranking second to David Hockney in the first quarter of world auctions. He not only created a new record for personal transactions in the first quarter, but also helped the total turnover in 2019 exceed US$100 million for the first time, and successfully entered the US$100 million club.

Comparison between London auctions and annual auctions in the first quarter

Up until now in 2020, although René Magritte's lots volume in London was only half that of last year, but in the first quarter of London auction, the turnover has reached 77% that of the same period last year. Can this good start continue through the 2020 US$100 million market? Let's wait and see.

2. The first quarter of 2020 artwork of the year Top 2

The surrealist evening sale on February 5, 2020 was a glorious night for René Magritte. A total of his 7 works, including the highest-priced A La Rencontre Du Plaisir, were sold. A La Rencontre Du Plaisir was sold at Christie's London with an over-low-estimate rate of 108.52%, ranking Top 1 among the works at the same auction and Top 2 on the artist list.

8 of the Top 10 works were sold after 2017, all exceeding US$ 10 million.

René Magritte Top 10

It is notable that René Magritte's A La Rencontre Du Plaisir, only second to David Hockney's The Splash, became Top 2 artwork of 2020.

Bowler hat, moon, the mystery of confusing day and night, and the picture-in-picture perspective are all the classic elements of Magritte’s creation and form this evocative and thoughtful work A La Rencontre Du Plaisir . Bowler hat seems familiar at first sight but is a completely anonymous character. The bowler hat man first appeared in Magritte's artwork in 1926 and since then has become a classic symbol of the artist.

Surrealist Works Will Probably Become New Highlights in the Art Market

1. René Magritte's surrealism, an expectable hot market

As an important art field, surrealism has never lacked market attention. Here, we have selected a few surrealist artists (Giorgio De Chirico, Joan Miro, René Magritte, and Salvador Dali) to see the recent situation of the surrealism market.

Seen from the world ranking of total turnover, the overall trend of the four artists is generally rising. Dali has risen faster. Before 2018, Joan Miro has been the leader in surrealism. In late 2018, René Magritte surpassed Joan Miro and went far ahead in the first quarter of 2020, indicating that in the past two years, René Magritte has enjoyed a continuous popularity in the art market and is much more applauded by the market.

Ranking change graph

As a whole, the surrealism market share has tripled in the past five years, indicating that the overall market value of surrealism is gradually rising and the international art market is paying more attention to surrealism. Among the surrealist artists, Dali's market share has almost doubled. René Magritte's market share has got the biggest increase. His share has always been on the rise, especially after 2018. Joan Miro's previous dominance has gradually been replaced by René Magritte, who caught up from behind.

Market shares of four surrealist artists

2. The European and American markets go halves; London monopolizes the glory in the first quarter of 2020.

Europe and North America have been the main markets for René Magritte. However, in the first quarter of this year, London captured the auction results of René Magritte with great gains. From 2019, some attention started to be given to the art market in Asia.

Area Distribution Map

Continuous Attention: Can Magritte's Leading Position Continue?

In many of his works, René Magritte is constantly creating new perspectives, allowing familiar objects and landscapes to appear unconstrained by mortal life and reality, with his different methods of depiction. As a whole, René Magritte's price index rose in a zigzag trend, tripling within 10 years. The period between the second half of 2016 and the first half of 2020 has witnessed a particularly faster rise. This shows that the love of surrealist works from both collectors and the public is not temporary and the attention is gradually increasing.

Price Index

We saw the wonderful beginning of 2020. Let's keep our attention to René Magritte's auctions and market performance, and explore the magical world under his art works. It is mystery that appeals to exploration. As the artist said, "The only thing that matters is the image, the mysterious image that cannot be explained, because all of our lives are filled with unsolvable mysteries."

The world's art theories are the same, but the forms of expression of art are rich and varied. From classical Western aesthetics, brilliant impressionism, mysterious Dadaism and surrealism, to eccentric modern and contemporary art, art is always opening different windows and let us discover "beauty". We hope surrealism will go further and better in today's art world.

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