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Poly Auction Hong Kong July Auctions 2020

The content of this article is provided by Poly, Hong Kong. For more details of the lots, please check this auction.

July Auctions 2020 will be held at Poly Gallery Hong Kong from 8-12 July, presenting a wide range of exquisite works including Modern and Contemporary Art, Jewellery, Watches, Handbags, Hype Collectibles, Wine, Whisky and Chinese Tea. Combining art with an elegant taste of life, we are dedicated to creating more possibilities worth exploring.

For the upcoming Spring sale in July, Poly Auction Hong Kong presents a vast range of modern and contemporary art works by remarkable Eastern and Western contemporary artists, in notions to lead the new generation in collecting. Girl with a Red Bowknot by Tsuguharu Foujita, elucidates the artist’s draughtsmanship in exploiting warm and cold tones for expression, as well as comprehensively showcase the evolution and transformation of Foujita’s creative technique from early to late periods of his artistic career. The First Morning and Seven not only bring the Richard Lin’s analysis and generalization into life, but also serve as a medium for the audience to experience and feel the underlying philosophical thinking. Also accompanied are works by globally recognized artists such as Georges Mathieu, Chen Fei, and Kaws, in reflection of their boundless brilliance in creativity as well as capabilities in leading trends among modern and contemporary art. With our leading vision in the next top trend, the addition of the “ARTitude” sale seeks to penetrate collectors’ lifestyles by incorporating contemporary art in hype, limited editioned works, collectibles, whiskies, and more.

Girl with a Red Bowknot was created in 1961. Foujita’s signature technique of exquisite brushstrokes on the painting are displayed in the subject’s outline. The subject’s face was painted in a manner that resonates with the treatment of the human face in western religious paintings, where children are often portrayed to have a chubby, adorable facial profile, flat bangs, and perfectly sculpted facial features. The artist’s precise brushwork emphasizes the silkiness and shine of the children’s golden brown hair. The artist demonstrated his virtuosity by painting the background white, using gradient shades to express light and shadows, thereby providing more depths and details. Girl with a Red Bowknot witnesses the integration of traditional Japanese painting techniques and aesthetics with the chiaroscuro in western paintings, such a combination of oriental and western style stands for an indelible movement that defined the art in the 20th century.

On the artwork The First Morning by Richard Lin, the two squares of varying sizes in the centre are respectively composed of aluminum strip and slim colour blocks at the bottom. The uneven length precisely echoes the square area above. Under Lin’s careful arrangement, the correspondence between the aluminum strip and colour coated blocks’ volume and quantification on the left and the array of squares composed of gray, red lines and strips on the right achieve a perfect balance. The First Morning is arranged in the most precise combination that allows all the formal elements to be fully unleashed. The artist removed and eliminated all external and internal movements and emotions, presenting the audience with pure and intuitive feelings in utmost peace like the experience of a religious ceremony.

The film Blow -Up, directed by Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni, is the inspiration for the title and the scene portrayed in Bad Uncle - Tribute to Michelangelo Antonioni, which serves as a dedication to the film master. The oeuvre removed distinctive elements of popular culture and retained only the composition from the film scene and replaced the photographer and the model with himself and his girlfriend, respectively. Gongbi, a Chinese realistic painting technique, was used to outline the two subjects in black. In addition, Chen Fei added exquisite tattoos with vibrant colours to the semi-nude upper body of the subject, representing himself in the artwork. A comprehensive view of Chen Fei’s artwork allows for a re-examination of the art history. Through understanding, combining, and organizing, the artist’s ideas are reflected in the artwork.

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