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Nhozagri: Ecstasy in Peace
Artist: Nhozagri
Curator: 朱文琪
Time: 2024.06.22 - 2024.07.21
Address: 北京朝阳区酒仙桥2号798艺术区中一街

Double Double Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of artist Nhozagri, Ecstasy in Peace, curated by kikizhu.

The exhibition features a set of latest paintings and installations created by the artist. While Maintaining the highly imaginative, amiable and recognizable style that she has been known for, she focuses on showing the new painting concepts formed in recent years under the influence of cosmology and mystics, as well as the further maturity of artistic expression techniques.

The origin idea of the exhibition can be traced to an experience of meditation: the state of a fountain naturally emerged in the artist's mind, thus she created the work Tuning. This further points to Nhozagri's consistent approach to her work: images always appear directly, rather than as a result of repeated thinking and precise planning. At a time when we have already seen perhaps too much explanation and justification, Nhozagri re-enthrall art in the state of a child, prompting us to look back at the source of art-a desire of express while human were aware of something larger than the mortal life .

An important idea of the exhibition is information and how it is processed, for example, how it is screened and translated. She sees herself as a recipient of inspired messages, interested in making connections between things that are not normally connected in common sense, this makes her work full of tension and unfettered vitality.

The main paintings in this exhibition stems from the artist's idea to design a set of oracle cards. Whether in occult rituals or games, cards function as a medium for information, and in this exhibition, information does not flow one -way from the works to the audience, but the audience's recognition and interpretation of the information in the picture makes the flow of information form a closed loop. The viewer's interpretation of the message conveyed by the work is important to the artist. "let your tentacles reach out" is the suggestion from Nhozagri.

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