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Qian Hao: One's Diary
Artist: Qian Hao
Curator: 刘玥
Time: 2024.06.15 - 2024.07.14
Address: 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路798艺术区七星东街E03楼四楼

BONIAN SPACE is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition, One’s Diary, by artist Qian Hao, from June 15 to July 14, 2024. Curated by Liu Yue, the exhibition features more than a dozen of Qian’s latest works. Qian take his puppy friends as the creation object, the concise picture and the creator's full of emotional narrative make the painting uniquely vivid and humorous.

Qian’s brushwork is calm and delicate, although his furry animal friends are always full of vitality and mischievously dominating their own life. These simple dots and lines and the soft color integrate his interpretation of memory. In his works, what is important is not a specific face. People who are immersed in real life never hesitate to pause repeatedly in daily, accurately observe and record some subtle moments, turn each canvas into a small comic grid, ordinary trivialities and imagination are woven into a monument of love here.

A diary always records the author's subjective feelings, but please come to this diary. It does not belong to a unique narrator, maybe it's about Qian Hao, maybe it's about his puppies Kele and Qibao, but it's more about complete love, which flows slowly in time, making the short companionship also becomes shining. Staring at the canvas, we return to a pure and quiet frame of life together. It’s always the little things that seep into your soul, like when its eyes looking at you, and the soft paw pad is on the palm of your hand, but you never want to leave.

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