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Celestial Brilliance - The Wang Xing Lou Collection Of Imperial Qing Dynasty Porcelain
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Auction introduction: This star-studded lineup of twenty-eight treasures from the Wang Xing Lou Collection illustrates the best tradition of imperial Chinese ceramics produced in the reigns of the early Qing period, late 17th to 18th century. They offer a kaleidoscope of the wide ranging and varied techniques of the Chinese ceramic making tradition produced earlier in the Song and Ming eras. These ceramic techniques were combined with the innovative and novel styles imposed by imperial tastes at the time. The best of traditional decoration were adopted by the imperial potters to the exacting standards strictly imposed under the three successive reigns of the most powerful emperors in Qing history, that of Kangxi (r. 1662-1722), Yongzheng (r. 1723-1735) and Qianlong (r. 1736-1795). Faithful to the best ceramics of the period, these pieces were carefully selected by the Master of Wang Xing Lou in his unrelenting pursuit to find the best ceramics of this ‘High Qing’ period well-known for their jewel-like quality and exceptional rarity. Some of these examples are a testament to the skills of the Jingzheng potters, ranging from their expertise to overcome the challenges of firing exceedingly difficult ceramics such as the underglaze-blue and copper-red vase as seen on a Yongzheng double-gourd with beautifully moulded ruyi handles to the ultimate control of the brilliant colour of the souffle ruby-red ground on the falangcai cup. Whether they are Qing interpretation of Ming blue and whites or the subtle beauties of monochrome colours, this group is a real feast to the eye.