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Chinese Art From The Sir Run Run Shaw Collection (Shaw Foundation Charity Auction)
HKD 22,031,100
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Auction introduction: Sir Run Run Shaw spent his professional life in the film and television industry, and he was a pioneer in the Chinese-language film industry. The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong, established in 1973 by philanthropist Mr Run Run Shaw, is dedicated to the development and global advancement of education, healthcare, scientific achievements and the arts. Under the guidance of visionaries Mr Run Run Shaw and his wife Mrs Mona Shaw, the Foundation has engaged and partnered with institutions, universities, hospitals and museums scattered across several continents, to bring to fruition more than 6,000 successful projects worldwide. In 2002, Mr and Mrs Shaw founded The Shaw Prize, an international award to honour individuals who achieve significant and distinguished advances in their respective fields. There are three categories to the Prize: Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematical Sciences, all awarded annually in Hong Kong. With a rich history of benevolence, The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong remains committed to furthering the aims of Mr and Mrs Shaw by continuing to focus widely on advancing societal progress and enhancing the quality of daily life for the betterment of society in general.