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Champion Collection Part Iii: The Artistry Of Complications
HKD 156,889,860
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Auction introduction: The single-owner “Champion Collection”, which Christie’s is extremely proud to offer in a series of themed sales over the 2022 auction season, is almost unrivalled in its wide variety of brands and wristwatch models of the highest calibre. This auction, entitled “The Artistry of Complications”, is incredibly exciting in that it offers not only many of the world’s most complicated watches by the greatest watch brands and independent makers, but it is also unique in including models that have never been seen before at auction, and in some cases, their existence was virtually unknown to collectors. A significant number of these incredible pieces, in particular by Patek Philippe, were produced in minute quantities and were only available to trusted clients by personal invitation. The “Champion Collection” is an incredible treasure trove of the world’s most complicated contemporary wristwatches and includes examples of almost every great horological complication. Such an important collection of exceptional complicated watches is almost never seen together in a single moment, and thus, the “Champion Collection” offers collectors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire some of the greatest achievements of the watchmaker’s art.