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Design Edit Milan
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Auction introduction: From 21–27 June, Sotheby’s will hold its first design sale in Milan to celebrate the remarkable influence of Italian design on the Design development from the 20th Century to the present day. The sale will feature a selection of works by Italian design masters, spanning from the rationalist architects Piero Bottoni, Giuseppe Pagano and Gino Levi Montalcini, through the postwar explosive creativeness and entrepreneurship of Osvaldo Borsani, Gio Ponti, Gino Sarfatti, Ico Parisi, Max Ingrand and Ignazio Gardella, to the later experiences of postmodern architects Ettore Sottsass and Gaetano Pesce. A rare example of the ingeniousness of Ingo Maurer’s lighting design is also featured. Sotheby’s is delighted to present the work of Osvaldo Borsani through a selection of furnishings designed and chosen for a private residence in the south of Italy in the 1950, revealing his delightful touch and playful spirit, extreme attention to craftmanship and quality production as well as his practice to collaborate with artists such as Lucio Fontana and Agenore Fabbri, who were his friends.