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21st Century Art Day Sale
HKD 232,268,280
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Auction introduction: The 21st Century Art Day Sale on 27 May 2022 in Hong Kong brings together a group of works by some of the most sought-after artists of the moment. With a diverse selection of works by international established artists, including works by Yayoi Kusama, Nicolas Party, Georg Baselitz, Scott Kahn and Christine Ay Tjoe. Led by an early pink Pumpkin painting by Yayoi Kusama, highlights of the 21st Century Art Day Sale includes Amoako Boafo’s Artist and His Painting, a rare double portrait reminiscent of Kehinde Wiley and the artist himself, Hajime Sorayama’s Sexy Robot - Walking in the Space that hurled art into the domain of popular culture, alongside the emerging artists Ewa Juszkiewicz’s Untitled and Emmanuel Taku’s A Red Pair. This elective ensemble of works brings together a remarkable opportunity to acquire exceptional artworks.