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Snowed In: A Rare Pudgy Penguins Sale
USD 98,658
Close rate: 90.00% (9/10)
Above Est.
Within Est.
Auction introduction: This November, Sotheby’s New York is delighted to present a online sale featuring the NFT project Pudgy Penguins. Sotheby's is offering a variety of pieces from the collection, showcasing a wide range of rarity, including the most well known piece in the collection. When you buy a Pudgy Penguins NFT, you buy a piece of emerging history. Pudgy Penguins is a groundbreaking NFT collection launched as part of the first wave of NFT collections. Moreover, it is the most successful collection in history taken over and run by its community. Because of this, the collection itself and each NFT within it represents and embodies the ethos, spirit, and animating principles of web3 – community ownership of the content being generated and the direction that content takes. As part of its very first collaboration with Sotheby’s, Pudgy Penguins will be offering the first ever soulbound token to accompany an auctioned NFT item. With this sale, Pudgy Penguins seeks to push the Web3 space forward by showing you everything that digital ownership and identity can mean. When you join the huddle, you not only own a piece of history, you actually become a part of history unfolding. The online auction will open for bidding on at 2pm on November 18th through November 30th.