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Auction introduction: As nature's splendors come into view, My heart longs for their rendezvous. — Wang Jun, Southern Dynasty, Liang In the realm of "Monochrome" – a term signifying a single hue – lies a beauty transcending mere color, delving into the essence and inherent nature of objects. "Monochrome," the quintessence of all things, bespeaks a world teeming with life, wherein only humans can create: with varying skills come masterful or clumsy works; with diverse temperaments arise the refined or the vulgar. Each object, each vessel, possesses a character that resonates with its creator and collector, and it is within this harmony that joy is born. Wang Yangming, in a letter to his student Huang Mianzhi, wrote: "Joy is the essence of the heart. The benevolent heart perceives all things in heaven and earth as one, unified in harmony, with no separation." In truth, no chasm exists between humans and objects, yet an affinity must be found. The refined cannot abide the mundane, while the ordinary's possession of elegance leads to the squandering of nature's gifts. Monochrome concerns itself with aesthetics, and in this curated selection, simplicity and grace take center stage. Stripping away ostentation, we seek to reach the heart of Chinese art through a path unencumbered by superficial colors.