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Collections Of Paintings Preserved By Overseas Collectors V
HKD 1,311,000
Close rate: 69.68% (108/155)
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Auction introduction: The Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department is honored to present exciting online auctions taking place in May, featuring a remarkable collection of 300 artworks spanning Classical, Modern, and Contemporary periods. Most of the works have been well preserved by collectors for decades and are set to make their auction debut. We are pleased to have support from overseas and significant Hong Kong collectors, who have contributed to cultural exchanges and inheritance between China and foreign countries. "Collections of Paintings Preserved by Overseas Collectors V" Sale includes a diverse collection of artworks by renowned Chinese artists, including Master Xing Yun, Zhang Daqian, Pu Ru, Huang Junbi, Qi Baishi, Wang Xuetao and Li Kuchan. Also, there are works from the Lingnan School masters Zhao Shao’ang, Li Xiongcai, Yang Shanshen and Ou Haonian. Additionally, it presents exquisite paintings by contemporary ink artists Han Meilin, Huang Xiaokui, Zhao Zhijun, Ni Xinguang, and Zeng Zhenzhen.