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Auction introduction: Mela Muter, Mojżesz Kisling, Henryk Hayden, Włodzimierz Terlikowski and Jakub Zucker are painters whose work has become a permanent part of the history of the international artistic community École de Paris. October Art Outlet auction. Early Art presents an excellent selection of works by these artists, ranging from the matter of still lifes captured with incredible sensitivity, through psychologizing portraits and nudes, to romantic landscapes. In this extremely interesting juxtaposition of representatives of the Paris School, two compositions undoubtedly come to the fore. These are Kisling's early 1918 act and the expressive Avignon landscape of Meli Muter. The offer also includes works whose subject matter is closely related to Polish tradition and culture, especially folk. Collectors will find in it, for example, various motifs using the silhouettes of horses, including scenes from the hunting of Ignacy Zygmuntowicz and Roman Antoni Breitenwald, daring sannas by Władysław Chmieliński