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HKD 52,597,440
Close rate: 94.71% (179/189)
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Auction introduction: This Spring, Christie's Handbags & Accessories live auction invites you to visit the handbags wonderland. A wide range of the latest limited editions of Hermès handbags awaits the exploration of handbags connoisseurs. The ultimate collectable handbags continue to feature prominently this season. Headlining the sale are Himalaya crocodile Birkin and Kelly in the adorable size 25, and the newly debuted Picnic Birkin. The sale will also feature a selection of exquisite Hermes handbags made of Hermès heritage leather, including calf box, butler and Barénia leather. Keeping in line with the current hottest trend, an spectacular array of Kelly Dolls of various luxurious materials will be presented. To vitalize this Spring auction for collectors, Christie’s is also thrilled to present to you our extraordinary selection of 8 Louis Vuitton trunks from a prominent Japanese Collector, including a rare FIFA world cup trunk. Do not miss the opportunity to elevate your wardrobe with a meticulously curated selection of the exclusive handbags and accessories.