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Natively Digital: Art On Bitcoin
USD 192,960
Close rate: 95.65% (22/23)
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Auction introduction: Effective May 20th, 2024, Sotheby's has lowered its Buyer's Premium rates and removed Overhead Premium for all categories excluding Wine & Spirits. Sotheby's Overhead Premium will only be charged for Wine & Spirits lots. Please refer to the Conditions of Business located on the relevant sale page for the updated rates. Sotheby’s is thrilled to present Natively Digital: Art on Bitcoin, a collection of remarkable and unique artworks and collectibles curated by Sotheby’s and Gamma. The curation showcases a diverse array of amazing techniques, concepts, and movements emerging in the field. Highlights include 1 of 1 by Jack Butcher, Block 1 by Ordinal Loops, Monolith by OTO and other incredible works by coin_artist, FAR, RalenArc, Leo Caillard, Harvey Raynor and other innovative artists inscribing on Bitcoin. This sale showcases the diversity and tremendous creativity found within the Bitcoin ecosystem, as inscriptions are a recent technical discovery.