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Xiling Yinshe
Xiling Yinshe was founded in the 30 years of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1904). Its purpose is to ""preserve gold stones, study seals, and calligraphy and painting"". It is the longest history, the highest achievement and the most influential academic study of gold stone seals at home and abroad. The group has the reputation of ""the first company in the world"". Xiling Yinshe Auction Co., Ltd. was established in December 2004. Continuing the golden stone spirit of the 100-year-old Yinshe, the Xiling Auction adheres to the entrepreneurial purpose of ""truth is first, sincerity is the foundation of this business"", and adopts the six-character management principle of ""integrity, innovation, and persistence"". Manuscripts, rare books of ancient books, golden stone inscriptions, engraved and printed stones by masters, treasures of Tianhuang, historical celebrities, porcelain wares, bronzes (with proof of origin), Ming and Qing furniture, purple sand and tea props, statue art, Chinese coins, paintings Sculpture, photography and film art, comics illustrations by famous artists, ancient jade ware, contemporary masterpieces of jade carvings, Hetian jade seed rough, western antiques, jewellery, and vintage wines from China and abroad, sort out collections for collectors with literati sentiment and elegant life Context. Focusing on the breadth and depth of art, the Xiling Auction has continued to subdivide and develop auction categories. To date, it has launched eighteen ""first China"" innovation sessions to lead the market and repeatedly lead the market. In addition to the traditional Chinese art categories, Xiling Auction has actively introduced important categories such as Western art in recent years to promote the internationalization of the Chinese art market.
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