Ravenel International Art Group was established in June 1999. Drouot, a long-established French art auction agency, provides comprehensive professional technical support to introduce European culture, professional art investment and promotion. Chinese contemporary art serves the purpose.
Ravenel Co., Ltd. and Ravenel Co., Ltd. are established under the group to establish their collection system for companies, collectors and foundations in Asia through various forms such as international auctions, private purchases, and investment in art funds. Invest in the art market; through exchanges and cooperation with important museums and art institutions at home and abroad, introduce outstanding Western art masters, and then promote the development of Chinese art on the international stage.
Ravenel has established auction centres and service locations in major Asian cities, including Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. With the vigorous development of the Chinese art market, since 2008, several auctions have been held in Hong Kong and Taipei each year, including modern and contemporary art, Chinese antiquities, jewellery and jade jewellery, fine wines and other auction items, and also provide overseas An instant service for collectors to bid online.
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