Artcurial was founded in 2002, just at the time the French auction market was opening up to competition, and quickly became the leading French auction house. Since then the firm has continually innovated, launching new specialities such as Design and Street Art, which are a major international success. Today, as a multifaceted auction house, Artcurial enjoys international recognition and has earned its place at the forefront of the art market. With sales taking place mainly in Paris and Monaco, the auction house made nearly 200 M euros of sales volume in 2018. Conceived as a cultural venue, the passion for works of art and collectors’ items is expressed around a core of main specialities - from fine art to decorative art, collectors’ cars, jewellery, important clocks and watches, fine wines and spirits, etc., in fact, more than 25 areas of expertise. With a clear international focus, Artcurial’s expertise extends beyond the French borders, exporting its know-how through representative offices in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Italy, subsidiaries in Monte-Carlo and Morocco as well as having a presence in Beijing and Tel Aviv and holding biannual exhibitions in New York.