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Beijing Gallry Report 2020 — Art Fairs

2 May 2021, 10:18

At the end of 2020. ArtPro and Beijing Art Gallery Association launched a questionnaire survey on the Beijing Art Gallery Association members to discuss the current situation and development of art galleries. We review and analyze this particular period to find out the trend and prospect of art galleries. Members of the Beijing Gallery Association are the core and the essential components of the Beijing gallery industry. This survey represents the overall situation of Beijing and China's gallery industry.

This report will make a comprehensive analysis and explanation from the following seven aspects: annual business situation of the galleries in 2020, business model, employment of the gallery staff, the quantity and quality of exhibitions, participation in the Art Fair, new collectors obtaining approaches, and gallery promotion methods.

Research Scope: 55 galleries, members of Beijing Gallery Association

The fifth part: Beijing Gallery Art Fair in 2020

1.General situation of Beijing Art Gallery's participation in Art Fair

In 2020. 18% of the galleries have not participated in the art fair.

Participated in 1-5 art fairs, accounting for 44%

Participated in 6-10 times, accounting for 28%

6.67% of them have participated in more than ten art fairs.

In 2020. the most significant number of galleries participating in art expositions was the contemporary Chinese Art Center. In 2020. they will participate in 18 major contemporary art expositions worldwide and four online art expositions.

2. The number of artworks sold in the Art Fair of Beijing Gallery

The number of works sold in the 2020 Art Fair is less than 10. accounting for 35%.

Galleries with 10-30 pieces sold accounted for 37%.

Galleries with 30-50 pieces sold accounted for 14%.

The number of galleries that sold more than 50 pieces accounted for 14%.

3. Overall expenditure of Beijing galleries participating in Art Fair

The core part of the expenditure of the 2020 Art Fair is the booth expenditure.

23% of galleries spend more than 1 million yuan annually

Galleries with an annual expenditure of 500.000-1.000.000 account for 37%.

15% of galleries spend about 300.000

25% of galleries spend about 100.000-200.000 yuan annually

4. The overall income of the Beijing Gallery Art Fair

Galleries with a revenue of less than 1 million accounted for 48%.

Galleries with a revenue of 1-3 million yuan account for 22%.

10% of the gallery's income of 3-5 million

Galleries with income of 5 million or more, accounting for 20%

5. The overall conclusion of the Art Fair: the relationship between the profits of galleries and the overall performance of Beijing Gallery Fair

Participating in the Art Fair has a significant effect on the overall income and influence of the gallery. For the gallery, the more they participate in the art fair, the higher sales volume and turnover they will have. 75% of the galleries that have participated in more than ten art fairs in 2020 have an annual turnover of more than 10 million and are profitable. Contemporary Chinese Art Center participated in art fairs for more times than other galleries in 2020.They displayed in 18 major contemporary art fairs worldwide and four art fairs online.

6. More than half of the galleries participated in the online art fair.

As a result of the pandemic in 2020. many art fairs around the world and in China have been canceled. Meanwhile, some art fairs have launched online. For example, Basel, an essential Asian Art Fair, withdrew offline form in 2020 and urgently launched Basel Online Art Fair in Hong Kong. Many Beijing galleries actively participated in art fairs. 56% of them joined the online art fair, 44% of the galleries did not try the online art fair.

Some galleries in Beijing participating in as many as four Online Art Fairs.. A large number of galleries still have a uncertain attitude towards the online form. More than 50% of the galleries only joined in one online art fair.

Source: ArtPro