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Beijing Gallry Report 2020 — Art Exhibitions

2 May 2021, 10:17

At the end of 2020. ArtPro and Beijing Art Gallery Association launched a questionnaire survey on the Beijing Art Gallery Association members to discuss the current situation and development of art galleries. We review and analyze this particular period to find out the trend and prospect of art galleries. Members of the Beijing Gallery Association are the core and the essential components of the Beijing gallery industry. This survey represents the overall situation of Beijing and China's gallery industry.

This report will make a comprehensive analysis and explanation from the following seven aspects: annual business situation of the galleries in 2020, business model, employment of the gallery staff, the quantity and quality of exhibitions, participation in the Art Fair, new collectors obtaining approaches, and gallery promotion methods.

Research Scope: 55 galleries, members of Beijing Gallery Association

The fourth part: the exhibition of Beijing Gallery in 2020

Generally speaking, Beijing galleries have solid economic strength and good reputation. In the long-term operation, the best of them have their business philosophy and operation process. In general, these galleries do not adopt the short-term procedure of "buy now, sell now", but invest a lot of money to package and publicize artists for long-term investment and operation. The development of artists is closely related to the acquisition and operation of galleries. In 2020. when the pandemic in Beijing is unstable and people can't get close to each other, many exhibitions still come as promised.

1. General situation of exhibitions in Beijing galleries

Galleries hold exhibitions in their place, art museums or other public spaces every year. Generally, every show focuses on one or several artists. To expand its influence, it will also cooperate with galleries around the world or arrange individual or joint exhibitions of artists at major domestic and international exhibitions.

In 2020. 352 galleries participated in the survey held exhibitions, of which 250 were held in Beijing, accounting for 71% of all exhibitions, and 102 were held in other regions, accounting for 29%.

Number of exhibitions held by Beijing Gallery

22% of galleries hold 0-3 exhibitions;

38% of galleries hold 4-6 exhibitions;

20% of galleries hold 7-10 exhibitions;

15% of galleries hold 10-20 exhibitions.

In 2020. it is surprising that 5% of the galleries will hold more than 20 exhibitions in 2020.

In 2020. the number of individual exhibitions held by Beijing gallery for artists is twice that of group exhibitions, including 235 individual exhibitions and 117 group exhibitions.

Due to the pandemic in 2020. 10% of the galleries in Beijing have actively held 12 self-planned online exhibitions. The quantity and quality of online exhibitions organized by Changqing and Changzheng galleries are significantly higher than others.

2. General situation of exhibition planning of galleries in Beijing

In this survey, 53% of the exhibitions cooperated with professional curators.

More than 160 exhibitions were not planned by the curators in Beijing.

47% of the exhibitions did not cooperate with curators.

Source: ArtPro