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「2529-1」Yayoi Kusama
Infinity-nets (Mgpp)
2014 | Acrylic Canvas NFT Deposit
145.5×145.5 cm | 2.12 m²
USD 1***
Estimate on request
Year 2014 Acrylic on canvas 145.5 × 145.5 cm;53.0 × 45.5 cm Publishing White Rock Gallery, "I Love Taiwan", P17 Source provenance Important private collector in Asia White Rock Gallery Certification The latest certificate of Yayoi Kusama Studio Exhibition Record Taipei Art Exhibition, Taiwan Art Basel, Hong Kong Karuizawa Museum, Tokyo, Japan Exhibition Whitestone gallery "I love Taiwan" Whitestone gallery.-I love Taiwan art exhibition. Assurance rights NFT: The authentication data and circulation information of the works are encrypted, Will be cast into an NFT with an ERC-721 smart contract, Permanently stored on the Ethereum public chain to verify material information The metadata files are permanently installed using IPFS distributed storage technology Stored in all nodes in the world. In this way, to ensure that these two The circulation and background information of the works will never be Lost or tampered with. Public chain: Ethereum (Ethereum) Smart contract: ERC-721 Encryption platform: CryptoArt.Ai Note: Attestation rights NFT (not for sale, transfer in kind) ★2529-1 and 2529-2 are the same subject, This lot requires a special number plate. Tax: This lot is in a bonded state.
Auction date:
23 Jul 2021
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