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「2135」Loie Hollowell
Brown And Green Lick Lick
2015 | oil painting Linen Board
71.1×53.3 cm | 0.38 m²
USD 5***
CNY 2*** - 3***
USD 3*** - 4***
Lloyd Hollowell (B.1983) brown and green lick lick Made in 2015 Oil painting on linen wood panel 71.1 × 53.3 cm ALAC, Feuer Mesler, Los Angeles, USA, 2016 Exhibition: Loy Hollowell - AHHA 106 Green, New York, USA, 2015 RMB 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 Loie Hollowell  (B.1983) Lick Lick in Brown and Green 2015 oil on linen laid on panel 28 × 21 in. EXHIBITED Loie Hollowell - AHHA, 106 Green, New York, USA, 2015 ALAC, Feuer Mesler, Los Angeles, USA, 2016 “After the first and second childbirth, my spine and pelvis have undergone two realignments, my mental and psychological recovery has also been twice, and various parts of my body have undergone two re-adaptations, so these images and colors are not only a The expression of 'body' is more a symbol of 'self' going through this process twice." —Loie Hollowell Visual Metaphors in Body Pictures —The art of Loy Hollowell Roy Hollowell was born in Woodland, California, in 1983. He holds a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently lives and works in Queens, New York City, USA. In 2017, Loy Hollowell held her first solo exhibition "Point of Entry" after joining Pace Gallery in Silicon Valley, USA. In the spring of 2018, Pace Gallery held new solo exhibitions for Hollowell in New York and Hong Kong. From April 24th to July 11th, 2021, the Shanghai Long Museum will hold her first solo exhibition in China for American artist Loy Hollowell. His paintings have repeatedly set personal records in the auction market, causing collectors around the world to compete for collection. At the same time, she is also known for her paintings that explore the landscape of the body. Through an autobiographical perspective, her works explore topics such as sexuality, pregnancy, childbirth experiences, and human anatomy. The symbolic body shape is constructed, and the rich color changes make the picture more layered and dynamic, connecting one's body with the natural world under the intersection of rationality and sensibility. After experiencing the process of two pregnancies and childbirth, Hollowell gradually learned and mastered the law of uterine contractions and the way of childbirth, whether it is stretching and relaxing through the frequency modulation of breathing before childbirth, or the tearing of the placenta and body after childbirth. The large amount of bloody mucus formed, the pain of childbirth and the joy of life being born are intertwined, and the inner feeling of oneself is amplified, which is both individual and universal. She often uses geometric figures of symmetrical structure to limit the center of the picture, and then expands and extends outward with the changes of light, shadow, space and surface, presenting a psychedelic and abstract visual form. Such forms are closely associated with artists such as Agnes Pelton, Georgia O'Keeffe and Judy Chicago, whose work uses the His color theory and light and shadow techniques are also influenced by artistic styles such as "Transcendental Painting Movement", "Light and Space Movement" and "New Tandoro". In addition, the scale of her works is also directly related to the size of the body parts, and is even emphasized by sculpture. The different colors also represent the changes in consciousness and emotional experience during childbirth. Yellow symbolizes the early stage of pregnancy, and red represents the In the second trimester, green indicates the end of pregnancy, and through the halo it emits, it spreads to the viewer's heart, thus creating a highly personal symbolic art style. In "Brown and Green Licking", a yellow almond figure is depicted in the center of the picture, rippling from the center to the outer layers in the form of waves, forming the collision and interlacing of brown and green, flowing lines, gradient colors and The regular state seems to attract the viewers into this "transcendental" psychedelic space, constantly presenting a continuous energy vibration and visual pleasure. Apparently, this is a part of Hollowell's description of his own body, a constantly fluctuating form that contracts and expands like a female organ, thus producing a sense of physical and mental pleasure. On the other hand, this geometric composition is derived from religious iconography and architectural symbolic shapes, such as the almond-shaped "Mandola" pattern and the "double curved" pattern, as well as the image that is regarded as a "linga", All have potential spiritual metaphors and internal references. Whether it’s the flow of undulating lines or the curved graphic edges, it reveals a path to the heart of the soul, where dazzling light pours out from the climax of the body, awakening the instinctual desire and transcendence deep within people. Forms like this one can't help but relate to the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, who expresses her understanding of sexuality and the body through magnified close-ups of flowers, erotic abstract forms that not only allude to the physiology of women, but also It reflects the life essence and spiritual connotation of natural things. Hollowell also found a special way to express the female body structure, she once said, "I see my work as a body landscape, through the minimal form of language, to make it a more symbolic space". Therefore, she presents the microstructure of the body in a playful geometric and symmetrical composition, creating a symbolic space full of bewilderment and seduction. In addition, Hollowell uses "licking" as a discourse between paint and light in the canvas to establish an intimate relationship between matter (body) and light (soul) and experience (wisdom), also expressing sideways It has an erotic inner meaning. Through the perfect fusion of halo, color, and curves in the picture, she transcends the boundaries of the secular body and senses, making her truly feel the maternity brilliance and spiritual experience from the inside out. Tax The delivery point of this work is Hong Kong, China. For details, please contact the staff of the Modern and Contemporary Art Department of Beijing Yongle Auctions. The work is to be handled and claimed in Hong Kong, China. Please contact Modern and Contemporary Department’s staff for further details.
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26 Jul 2022
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