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Four Friends
2019 | Oil Panel
101.6×101.6 cm | 1.03 m²
USD 3*** - 4***
Description Salman Toor b. 1983 Four Friends signed Salman Toor and dated '19 (on the reverse) oil on panel 40 by 40 in. 101.6 by 101.6 cm. Executed in 2019. Provenance Galerie Perrotin, New York Private Collection Acquired from the above by the present owner Literature Nini Barbakadze, "Salman Toor: How Will I Know," Metal Magazine, 27 August 2020, illustrated in color (online) Balasz Takac, "Emerging Artist Salman Toor Brings Emotional Figuration to The Whitney," Widewalls, 28 October 2020, illustrated in color (online) Constanza Falco Raez, "Whitney Museum / Salman Toor: How Will I Know," Flaunt , 13 November 2020, illustrated in color (online) Ambika Trasi, "The Self as Cipher: Salman Toor’s Narrative Paintings," The Journal of Wild Culture, 29 November 2020, illustrated in color (online) Johanna Fateman, "Salman Toor,” 4Columns , 4 December 2020, illustrated in color (online) Arabella Hutter Von Arx, "Salman Toor’s How Will I Know and Vida Americana: Mexican Muralists Remake American Art," Riot Material , 20 December 2020, illustrated in color (online) Cleo Roberts, "Salman Toor’s Visual Autofiction," Ocula , 22 December 2020, illustrated in color (online) Roberta Smith, "Salman Toor, a Painter at Home in Two Worlds," The New York Times , 23 December 2020, C7, illustrated in color  Pearl Fontaine, "Salman Toor Paints his Chosen Family in 'How Will I Know,’" Whitewall, 28 December 2020, illustrated in color (online) Simon Wu, "Critics’ Picks: New York, Salman Toor," Artforum , 28 December 2020 (text) (online) Laurie Fondrich, "Museum Exhibitions" Two Coats of Paint , 9 January 2021, illustrated in color (online) "Brown Boy Knowing," Artemisia , 12 January 2021, illustrated in color (online) Cody Delistraty, "Pakistani Artist Salman Toor’s Success Was a Surprise Even to Him," The Wall Street Journal Magazine , 16 January 2021, illustrated in color (online)  Peter Murphy, "Salman Toor: How Will I Know," The Brooklyn Rail , February 2021, illustrated in color, p. 82-83 (text) Naham Amouzadeh, "Salman Toor’s ‘How Will I Know’ Exhibition at Whitney Museum is a Homecoming for the ‘Other’," ALL ARTS , 23 February 2021, illustrated in color (online) Karen Wilkin, "Salman Toor at the Whitney," The New Criterion , March 2021, illustrated in color (detail) (online) Matthew Burgos, "Rediscovering Identity: How Will I Know?," ArtThou , 9 March 2021 (text) (online) Tausif Noor, "Salman Toor’s Cosmopolitan Queer Life," Frieze Magazine, Iss. 218, April 2021, p.137,  illustrated in color Sanford Schwartz, “Young and In Love,” The New York Review, 8 April 2021, illustrated in color (on the cover), illustrated in color, p. 34 Josef Wolin, "Telling Details: The Painted Life of Salman Toor,"  Border Crossings , Iss. 156, May 2021, pp. 106-111, illustrated in color Osama Shehzad, "Eyes Lowered," Popula , 26 August 2021, illustrated in color (detail) (online) Alexandra Bregman, "Salman Toor’s Rising Star – Revolutionary art in Pakistani diaspora," The News Run , 19 October 2021, illustrated in color (online) “New York Close Up: Salman Toor's Emerald Green,” Art21,  17 November 2021, 5:56 illustrated in color (video) (online) Calvin Tomkins, "Becoming Modern: How Salman Toor Left the Old Masters Behind," The New Yorker , 8 August 2022, pp. 16-22 (text) Exhibited New York, Galerie Perrotin, Them , June-August 2019 New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, Salman Toor: How Will I Know , November 2020-April 2021
Auction date:
16 Nov 2022
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