「142」Ayako Rokkaku
2020 | Acrylic Canvas
111.3×161.2 cm | 1.79 m²
USD 6***
CNY 2*** - 3***
USD 4*** - 5***
Ayako Rokkaku b.1982 untitled 2020 111.3 x 161.2cm acrylic on canvas Provenance Asian Private Collection Ayako Rokkaku was born in Chiba, Japan in 1982, and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany, Porto, Portugal, Tokyo, Japan and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She officially started her painting career in 2002. Although she has never received professional art education, she is self-taught in practice and gradually formed her own unique artistic style. Ayako Rokkaku's signature style features children and female figures with candid, individual facial expressions, complemented by brightly colored backgrounds, scattered flowers, and iridescent smears. Her characters, with exaggerated eyes and long arms, are very much in the style of Japanese manga, while bright colors and bold compositions are reminiscent of imaginative and unrestrained children's drawings. In addition, Rokkaku Ayako is also quite special in terms of techniques. She often applies acrylic paint directly on the canvas with both hands, making the picture more lively and dynamic, thus forming a colorful and happy dream world. At the same time, she does not limit her creation to canvas, but chooses a variety of surfaces such as cardboard, vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases, as well as sculptures, installations and other forms. Often working in front of an audience without preliminary plans or sketches, she paints purely intuitively and shares the process of painting with the audience. This interactive way of creation brings a certain performativeness to her works. This "Untitled" is composed of large areas of intense and vibrant pinks, yellows, blues and greens, flooded with abstract shapes like clouds and circles. Bright colors overflow the canvas, forming a background that resembles a flower field. At the top right of the picture, the red-haired girl opened her eyes wide and pursed her mouth, showing an angry but still cute appearance. Her body and hair blend in with the explosively colorful backdrop, leaving only the prominent head and arms, detached from the abstract depiction. Different from the traditional painting habit of trapping characters in a static dimension, the girl in the picture is active in an open and flowing space. Ayako Rokkaku has developed her own style in creation with her inherent sensitive observation and delicate emotions, and has also performed extraordinary in the art market. After winning the AkioGoto Award at the 9th Geisai Art Festival and becoming an instant hit, he has held many solo exhibitions around the world, such as the recent "Born in Fluffy Journey" held in Berlin, held at the Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art The "Magic Hand" and so on. In the secondary market, the turnover of her works has been showing a leaping trend since 2018, breaking personal records repeatedly. The unique freedom, innocence, and splendid temperament of Ayako Rokkaku's paintings, as well as the dreamy and beautiful imaginary world she constructs, are all aspirational. She transforms painting into active participation in the process of exploration, bringing beauty to the dull life.
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24 Jul 2022
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