「124」Wang Guangle
2016 | Acrylic Canvas
280×180 cm | 5.04 m²
USD 5***
CNY 1*** - 2***
USD 2*** - 4***
Wang Guangle b.1976 160114 Made in 2016 280 x 180cm acrylic on canvas Provenance  Pace Gallery London; Acquired from the above by the current owner Wang Guangle was born in Fujian in 1976 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. Wang Guangle is recognized as a pioneer of Chinese conceptual painting. As one of the founders of the N12 art group, Wang Guangle began to create the "Terrazzo" series in 2002, and the "Shou Lacquer" series in 2006. It can be said that the three series of works by Wang Guangle, "Terrazzo", "Shou Lacquer" and "Untitled", are internally interrelated and mutually generated. He developed the ontology consciousness of painting from the initial academic realism, and later formed a conceptual formal practice system. This whole process is more like a conceptual performance art about the experience of time. Such a "wave" experience has made today's artist Wang Guangle. "160114" is from Wang Guangle's "Untitled" series. Just as he had previously dealt with issues such as time and death in his paints, Wang Guangle selected several groups of colors that were opposed to each other, and gradually merged them into one through a uniform superposition technique. Create a visual field full of tension where conflict and harmony are juxtaposed. The pictures in the work are clearly layered, gradually and evenly moving toward the center, until the rectangle becomes a trapezoid, and the painting becomes less two-dimensional. And through the unique use of color and form, Wang Guangle's paintings create an illusory sense of depth that stands out from the picture. Wang Guangle's canvases are a place of creating contradictions, his work is both precise and well-organized sculpture, but also has the imagery and flatness of easel painting. He has always carried out the description of "painting behavior", and speculatively explored the abstract concept of "repetition" that runs through human life activities, and discussed the cognition of "repetition" from the perspective of reason and emotion.
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24 Jul 2022
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