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「3922」Wu Bin
Ten-faced Lingbi Picture Scroll
circa 1610 | Hand roll
26×112.5 cm | 0.29 m²
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(Qing Dynasty) Bian Yongyu: One of the scrolls of "Shigutang Calligraphy and Calligraphy Examination", a block-printed edition of the 21st year of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1682). Questions: Written by Wu Bin. Introduction: 1. Awesome posture. Xing Dong. Seal: Xing Dongzhiyin, Ziyuan 2. Five sacred clouds. Huang Ruheng book. Seal: The chapter of Huang Zhenfu's and Shang Shulang Postscript: 1. The front of this stone is also positive. The middle peak is one foot and seven inches high, and two inches less than the back peak; the peak surface goes to the top seven inches, and a ridge reappears; while the up and down ridges rise a few tenths of a small peak; it is inclined inward by a day column, which is not large enough to grow. Just as far away as possible, there is a stranger; one branch slanting to the left, from the root to the double peaks, covering each other. Xun's left side retreats eight inches back, a peak rises, six inches and eight cents high, until the end is flat out of Sancha. Retreating three inches again, a steep peak emerges, only one inch lower than the middle peak, the peak is as sharp as a peak, the state is as drunk, the upper is wide and undulating, the lower is thin and dragging, like a Xizi out of a bath, weak and weak; and like flying Yan Wuzhang, madly undecided. Then there is a large peak protruding from the left, divided into front and rear two strands, the front height is one foot three inches and five minutes, if the left and solid arches are also; There is a peak at the foot of the leftmost mountain, the root is the body, the contact is less than two inches, and the body is left and the top is also in the middle. There is a peak on the right side, and the peak on the left side is high. The towering peak on the right regained its strength, and it was at the foot of the mountain, and a hole was like a moon, revealing the tip of the back peak, which is also strange. As for the big and small peaks, each has a ring, and the buckle makes the eight-tone repeated. If you don't know that it is a stone, the cover can't be shaped one by one. After this stone is also positive. The middle peak is two inches taller than the front, and the ridge of the sword is straight up, as sharp as a sharp cut, and the texture is like hair; the front is steep and sloping, with a piece of chin hanging, two inches wide and five inches long, like a real official caressing his sleeves, with strictness and ease. It is respectable. From the rear view, the peaks are dependent on the abdomen and back, while the waist of the left peak is less than five minutes thin, and it is very different from the front view. As for the bottom of the peaks, such as flats like gully, like trails, like ridges, like caves like rocks, like cones like halberds, like hooks like swords, or hidden or seen, or half-covered and exposed, or half-struck and stretched, true The so-called hundreds of thousands of punches, a thousand miles in a flash. At the bottom, there is a pincer that bursts open, and a small peak rises up sharply, and the pincers are all high around. If the Xingjia thinks that the "burst in the nest", the so-called ghost liner behind the mountain is also a strange thing behind it. This stone is also on the left side. Seeing the front peaks are like fun, if you go, if you squat like a bow, if you are listed and supported. The Central Peak of the Queen's Queen is the tallest and respected, and has the status of respecting oneself. Looking from the left into the depths, where there are ten peaks, and they hide each other, they are all different. This stone is also on the right side. More curious than the left view, covering the right foot peak is small to the left and less to the left, so there is a peeping from the root behind, there are those who show up and down, there are those who are sharp and sharp, and there are those who are unpredictable. , There are tigers and wolves looking at the unprovoked. The front peak is a white catty, like Huafeng frozen spring, Emei ancient snow, bright and clean, more lovely. This is also viewed from the left side of Shiqian. The stone cover is oblique, and the body bone is more plaque, so the regular body is fat and the side is thin. Suddenly, the suspicion caves are exquisite, and the truthfulness is like slices. The nine peaks of large and small are divided into twelve peaks, of which the one on the left is lively and flickering, and it is shining and changing. This is also viewed from the right side of Shiqian. The right peak of this stone is one less than the left, and the former middle peak is uniquely tied to the right, although it has a strong foundation, it has never been swollen. However, the sudden anger, the stubbornness, and the sacred scorpion have the appearance of Taishan rock and rock. If they are the main peaks, and those who are self-respecting are different from the strangers of other peaks, it is a grand view. This is also viewed from the right side of Shihou. The controversy between the peaks and the strange monsters all appear on the face, and this stone is obliquely to the left. Therefore, when you look at it from the back to the right, you can only get the ridge. Although the veins are free, most of them are flat and less in the rock. However, if the peak and peak see the root, if it is planted, if it is standing, if it is standing, if it is doing, if it is tucked as a servant, if it is grabbing as if it is amusing, it must not be in a state. There are those who are fearful if the clouds and thunder are abrupt, and there are those who are fearful if the flies are fluttering at Dailan. Another spectacle too. This is also viewed from the left side of Shihou. From the front view, the right peak is large and obscures the left, and from the back view, the left peak is large and obscures the right. The front view is divided into twelve peaks. Here you can only see the six peaks, and the cover is better than the other. It is the patchwork of the infidelity, or the upside down and straight down, or the left and right avoidance, even those who are set up and arranged, and those who cannot be remembered. This also looks at the bottom from the stone. When you first get the stone, you can see that it’s sitting in the same place, and you suddenly regret it as a truncated one. When it is turned over, the roots of the veins run through, straight up from the bottom, and linger back and forth, like a branch of wood, like a school of water, if chaos and real If the whole thing is broken and continuous, it is known that everything has its own form, that is, its own good fortune. Therefore, those who play, must know this, and then they will get their own knowledge; and those who are looking, must also know that they will pass on their gods? This is also from behind the stone. The roots of its context are the same as before, but the body posture is different after turning. If the cover is not so imitated, the stone is not strange. However, even though it is so imitated, it can't be the most strange. Hey, copy to ten sides, observe and stop, and God's actions have no end. I especially hope that those who watch the picture should regard God rather than shape clouds. Wan Zhong was born and loved the stone, and now that he has knowledge, the first love is unknown. Later, I saw the immersion widely, the knowledge immersed, the ancient and modern strange and clumsy, the thousands of forms are all over, and they know their solutions, but I really don't know how to solve them. Alas! Different. Is the rest of the stone the Sun's scab? How can it be that the stone of the village is the butterfly of the village? Because of this, the stones of Zhaitou are becoming more and more numerous, but I don’t know where to come from, but there is no place for a single stone from the Yizhai house in Nangong. At the age of Dingwei, Yu casts a hairpin into the Five Lakes, and crosses the river south to search for it from the Shijia Ming from all the treasures in the universe. After Wu Zhe returned to Fujian and Guangxi, although the stone was a mate, it was not too strange, but the sound of love for the stone became more and more popular. In Wushen, there are many aragonites from the family, and there are more aragonites. If you are struggling to depend on each other, you will be like a dry head, and the sound of love for the stone will benefit you. Nothing, this stone crosses the river to Yu. Shi Zhi, who had been in his possession for thirty years, could not help but retreat. Its majestic and majestic stretches, straight to Lingji three mountains, spit out ten mountains. The gods at first glance are stunned, the soul of truth is dispelled, and after long practice, the hair wants to cut but the marrow wants to wash. If you are surprised, if you are happy, if you are confused, if you are in a dream, and if you doubt if you are drunk, you wake up suddenly, you suddenly feel sleepy, and you don't know where your life is. How Qizhi is so extreme? Wu Wenzhong is well-known at home for his tiger-head technique, and he is surprised when he hears it. Xin Xi discusses that all the spiritual consciousness is integrated, and then he takes the ancient paper appearance. At first, the front and back are front and back, but the end is not finished; the opposite side after Xuan is left and the end is not finished; the compound circle turns obliquely to trace the front and back sides and the front and back bottoms. It is the trance and change of the stone, and the wind power ghosts are unfathomable and unthinkable. That is to say, curiosity is as good as the text, but also tolerant of mistakes, and helpless. Alas! How Qizhi is so extreme? Although Wei Wenzhong has no answer. Covering this stone, the firmness is the pure quality and the pen is difficult; the color is dark lacquer which makes the mysterious but the ink difficult; the veins of the veins and creases linger, the ten thousand factions are branched, the roots are clear, and the overlap is concave and convex, Especially difficult. Gu Wenzhong did not attack, but would like to know it. Therefore, his enthusiasm was submitted, and the reason was clear. Together, the stone is vivid, while away, the map is fossil. If you go to the stone and put it on the picture, if the stone is not enough; according to the picture, if the stone is not enough, if the picture is not enough. Alas! How strange is He Qijizhong? However, Wenzhong can be amazed by what he sees in the world, but he cannot be amazed by what he has heard; he can respond with his body, but not with his nature. At the peak of the peak, the sound is divided, and the five tones are played repeatedly; when the rain is run, the yin Lin is soaked in the scorpion; this is also solvable but the pen is insoluble. What is the so-called helplessness? Seeing this by Lingjia Nangong, I don't know how to be pale and yellow, and worship and hide it deeply, so why is it willing to show the world lightly. However, it is also possible to ignore the Yanshan Homestead from now on. Shi Zhongfeng is one foot, nine inches and five minutes high, Shi is two feet one inch three minutes across, and one foot one inch seven minutes deep from front to back. Great peak five, middle peak four, there are no fewer than a hundred sharp ones. Its jaggedness and concealment, sudden depressions and faintly visible, those who are seen in the picture but not in the picture, are contented by the good observer. I can love the stone but can't shape it in the end, but I can't say it, but I can agree with it. I dare to call myself a confidant of ancient and modern strange stones. During the Mid-Autumn Festival of Wanli Gengxu, the book was written in Shizhangzhai of Zhanyuan, and Shiyin'an layman Mi Wanzhong. Seal: Calligraphy and Painting Boat, Mi Wanzhong Zi Zhong Zhao, Shi Pi 2. The stones of Zhongzhao are different, and the gems of Wenzhong are particularly different. It can make the front and back, left and right, up and down, front and side of the stone all the way, with one stone to make ten pictures, and ten stones to make one book. It is ever-changing and exquisite. Wen Wenjing's family hides secret games, but he doesn't even look at people. Wen Jinggong has been cautious throughout his life, has been careful and steadfast in his affairs, and is consistent throughout the ages. His comprehension is profound in Stu. In March of this spring, Wen Jinggong came out to see the gift one month before he returned to the mountain, so the one who taught me is also very profound. Yu Jinguan has been aware of its magic and essence for two months. In the year when Aishan was a strong official, he was appointed to the frontiers, because he sent this map as a gift, I hope to observe it carefully, understand its ten-faced principle, and regard it as a model, then the East China Sea will be as safe as a stone. As for the way of working for ministers and governing the people, it is enough to learn from Wen Jinggong. Fortunately, fortunately, the treasures, the exquisiteness of the paintings and calligraphy, especially the ears of Xiao Yan. In the 21st year of Daoguang, Xin Chou, the New Moon of the New Moon, was written on the Shufang Room, and Sa greeted Ashi in Xianglin. Seal: O·Bo, Xianglin Saying Azhang, Changbai Niuhulu Family 3. Mi Yuanzhang has a stone addiction, see Jia Shiyi with a dress and worship him. The Zhongzhao of the People’s Ministry of the People’s Republic of China is the same as that of the Yuan Zhang. He stored the stone very well. He got this stone late and became the crown. It belongs to Wu Wenzhong’s picture and has ten faces, and Zhongzhao said it. I tasted the incompetence while watching the stone boat with my comrades. I have seen this picture, and I hate not being able to be like a wall between Zong Shaowen's paintings. Du Jiyang’s Yunlin Stone Book takes Lingbi as the first, and covers the so-called "Sibin Floating Plate" in "Xiashu". It is also a music stone, which is not the hard work of Jingliang and the strange stone of Qingzhou. Yuan Zhang guards Lianshui, connects the ground to the Lingbi, and obtains the stone one by one, and can't get it out all day long. Zhongzhao stone is produced by the real spirit wall, and the longer the truth is, the more interesting it becomes. As for the breath of smoke and clouds, the combination of Yin and Yang, Guo Jingchun's "Jiang Fu" said that "the wonderfulness cannot be exhausted in words, and things cannot be exhausted in writing", that is, the picture and the explanation of wealth are a little ear. Baojinzhaiyan Mountain was passed from the Lord Li and was obtained by the Yuan Zhang. Its pictures are "not fake, but the nature is perfect". The peaks are named Huagai, Cuiluan, Yusun, and Fangtan. The lower hole is threefold connected to the upper hole. Taste the magical journey. Longchi will be moisturized when the sky is like rain, a little dripping, and it will last ten days. Cai Wanyun: "The length is more than a ruler, 36 peaks in front, Daju fingers, two Fupi Tuo on the left and right, and the middle is the research pond." His description was admired, and it stopped his ears. I use this picture to cherish the treasures of Lao Dian, and he is the best of victory. I don't know that this fetish has been imaginary for thousands of years. It is a miracle on earth. Yuan Zhang used to study the mountain Yisu's house, which is no longer visible. He hates Shao Peng Gong, who is really forbearing. Now I don't know who will get it. Zhongzhao can't ask for a visit, but the picture is as new for five hundred years. I dare to believe that this stone is owned by the Mi clan, the treasure of the world is shared by all of the world, this picture is here. There are thousands of hobbies for the rich, wealthy and famous, but they are not enough to enter the spiritual platform, but love this scroll stone alone. Regarding the first life as careless, how different are their habit and foolishness. However, those who set themselves on fire by subduing the jade of heavenly wisdom with their husbands are stupid. A picture is weighed by a stone, and a stone is heavier by a person. It can be as good as the earth and the earth. How long can it be with the husband stone? Tested by Wu Zhonggui in Jiaxing, this picture was taken. The picture is written by Wu Wenzhong, two meters and two Wus. There are unique people in ancient and modern things, and they know it. Li Weizhen, a native of Damishan, wrote about his father's knowledge, and Li Weizhu wrote his father's book on Shi. Seal: Tian Fangsheng, Li Weizhen's seal, Li's Benning, Li Weizhuyin, Li's Benshi 4. In the Song Dynasty, Shao Zi had the theory of "golden wood, water, fire, earth and stone", which was different from Hong Fan's five elements. Gaishi is a show of five elements, as Zhongzhao's possession is. I didn't see this stone, but Wu Wenzhong's paintings were all based on Sun Wei's method of painting fire. Zhihui is winding and hanging down, which is regarded as a view of water; the sword is cut off and regarded as a golden view; Aung Tsangsen tower is regarded as a wooden view; Po Tuo is vigorous and regarded as an earth view. Wen Zhonghui Shi brother's kindness can be described as a vivid portrayal, and what can't be done is the right ear. Yu and Zhongzhao are called the same, Yu Hao paints, Zhongzhao is also good to paint; Yu Haoyin, Zhongzhao is also good. Zhongzhao is a good stone, but Yu Du is not a good stone. Although, Zhongzhao good stone is also with Zai? People in the past heard that there was a mirror that could be used for twenty miles, and they said, "My noodles are big, so I can use it." They also heard that there is inkstone to produce water, and they said, "Water is worth a penny, and it is safe to use." Although it is out of the mouth of famous people, it can be laughed at. There are stunners and strangers in the world, but it's hard to be heard. Why is Sihu Balian an ancestral temple alone? How can it be the old Wapeng! It's enough to take Huangui's clothes, why Kui Gao. It is enough to take a big sword and a spear, why Han Bai. Mi Yuanzhang is a sincere madman, and Yang Cigong has obtained the law and is owned by Xu Kong. As an observant, who is arrogantly arrogant with his subordinate officials, how to get it. Zhongzhao treasures this strange stone, and he also has a block in his chest. Li Bai's so-called "Five Sacred Mountains from a square inch, hidden and able to level"? The first-grade stone of Azhang of the Jun family has nectar drop, and the ceremonial department is on its appearance. Now the stone of Zhongzhao is under the hub, and there are still five-color bright clouds swirling on it. Taiyi looked down, Bailing Qianwei, He Qi's nectar sprinkled Xumi. The three thousand li foreign letters are shown in the scrolls, and they are replaced by Shi Yan. Is it possible to comfort Zhongzhao? Three days after Jiayin Jiaping twenty, Dong Qichang, the friend of the cloud. Seal: The seal of the lecturer and Dong Qichang 5. This stone drawing is like this, the title is like this, it is really strange. It is a pity that Yu can't be seen from Zhongzhao in Chang'an Day, but Yu is not very familiar with stone theory, that is, viewing can not appreciate the wonders like Zhongzhao. Zhongzhao here is a true confidant. There is no such thing as gold or stone that is said to be immortal in the world, and now Zhongzhao is more immortal. There is a blessed Mount Lu in my hometown. Its stones are all embedded and exquisite. The big ones are like houses, and the small ones are like elephants, horses, lions, shiba, and wats. They have strange shapes and shapes. However, since its inception, no one has been found. After returning to the mountain after a period of time, I started to get it from the trails, and then the tourists gathered, all shocked, thinking that there is no view in the universe. Once the Millennium Spiritual Secret appears, things will appear to be so obvious. However, this stone encounter Zhongzhao, is it not fortunate. In the future, if Zhongzhao comes to our Fujian with the heavenly fate, he should be on the top of the Fulu, entertaining and traveling, I don’t know who is more like a literary person, who can draw pictures and pictures, so as to spread good things. Zhongzhao often hated Baojinzhai Centurion's imperial stone for making one stone too big. If he hears the remaining words, he will laugh. Yu and Zhongzhao are suitable for each. Fu Tang leaves high. Seal: Ziyun Huangchangshanren, Ye Xianggaoyin 6. The ancients are good at Ding Yi Jinshi, and the stone is the inscription on the stele. If the real stone is good, there is no better than Nangong Laozi. That is to say, the son pays tribute to the strange stone of the enemy pool, and the game is written, but he is not very sincere. The four methods of rice-phase stone are called Xiu, crepe, thin and thorough. Today, there are more people outside the Four Laws of the Lingbi hidden by Mr. Mi Zhongzhao. Although a hundred directions are poor, the pictures and notes are just like ears. Zhongzhao got this stone and rubbed it all day long until he forgot to sleep and eat. To save his sentimental infatuation, the action will turn into a stone. Zhong Zhao heard this and laughed and said: "The stone hate in the sleeves of my family Yuanzhang is too small, and Baojinzhai Baifu's hatred for the first-grade stone is too big, but this stone can be a few cases, and can be placed within easy reach, and can travel thousands of miles. It is like mirror, knight like jade, and black like graphite. It is as smooth as mountains and rivers and clouds, its peaks are like leaking the moon to cut the sky, its accumulation is like folds of snow, and its caves are like poisonous dragons, anger, and ghosts. , I wonder why I fell in my hand. Every time I want to have a Nangong robe and worship it, I am afraid to insult me with this stone ear. The former Niu Qizhang and Li Zan are like fire and water, but the only stone is the same as the group of Shizhang. This is not the case for the party. I live under the boss, not only a good stone, but also good virtue." The eyebrow Taoist said: "Goodness", and then the questions are returned. Baishishanqiao Chen Jiru got the title of view. Seal: Eyebrow 7. "Sparse Forest and Yuanxiu Picture" painted by Jin Ji Shuye in the Yu family's collection is a rare treasure of the world. The relics of the brush and ink are not intended at first, but the leisurely brush is refreshing, dripping and swaying, light or light, or ugly or glamorous, full of appearances, rotten in the eye, making people suddenly surprised. The more endless it is, it makes future generations wonder and want to see them. Ren Zidong and Ke Xiangweng had a drink in Jingxuanzhai, and showed the "Stone Picture" drawn by Wu Wenzhong of Ming Wanli as Mi Yin'an. The front and back sides, left and right sides, front and back left and right sides, front bottom and back bottom were shown. The ten sides are all imitated and vivid. Pitu watched quietly, and his skills seemed to be poor, Wen Zhongqi was also. It is not this stone that cannot pass the magical brush of the Wen family, or this stone can not know the stone idiot of the Yin family, the treasure of the sincere and rare world, and it can be immortal with the "Yu Xiu Tu" (Yu Wen is at the end) The people are competing for balance. "Stone Picture" is the relic of Wenwen Jinggong, bequeathed to Xiang Weng from Guidao Mountain and Xiang Weng to Aishan Zhongcheng. Yu Dexian looks through the window, and sees that his state is weak and uncontrollable; sees its shape is as sharp as a glare, obliquely as drunk; it is a real wonder. The beginning believes that the eyes and blessings are vast, the ink is deep, and there are people beyond the reach of others. On Renzi's New Year's Eve, the words will be adorned with words, with aspirations. Jie Lao Qiying He Dongman's Seal of Knowledge: The Private Seal of Imperial Gifts, Zong Yu, Qiying 8. All things are expensive, monoliths are strange, and good stones are strange. If you are addicted to scabs, gluttons, abalones, and donkeys, you can't justify things. But if it is good, everyone teases. As for the good stone, there is no ridicule. The stone is not strange, but the body of the rocks, hills and hills is not. It's not enough to cover the fog and the clouds to wipe the rain. It's so strange. Mi Jun Zhongzhao was born with a stone addiction, he can search the land, and he can't buy money. The speaker said he had his family, Haiyue Wengfeng, but I thought otherwise. When Haiyue sees a strange stone, he will bow down with a robe. The husband, the stone and the ears, are enough to wait for the city to be compared, and why to worship and robe? This is done intentionally, which is rather strange and lacks training. If Zhongzhao is a good stone, he will use the friend stone as his own name, but he will only admire it at Tuxian. If he does not hear his ritual stone as a guest and call the stone as a man, it is intentional and unintentional, for the good use. In addition, Haiyue wanted to obtain the Su family's first residence, so Wang Yanzhao brothers wanted to study the mountain and change it. The husband not only regards stone as the most precious treasure, that is, he cuts the belly to die and puts him on the table, but he also changes his life with the things of appreciation? Zhongzhaohui built a Jinglu outside the country gate, beautiful, deep and elegant, with stone in it, it is not also healed in Yizhai! Yu Hu didn't dare to set Xuanyuan a little bit before and after, he said so because of its good stone. If the magic of stone products and the ingenuity of Wenzhong's pen and ink, there are two words of Chen and Dong that are irrelevant. Liangxi Stone Farmer Zou Diguang. Seal: Zou Diguangyin, Yanji's 9. Yu You Zhang Suzhi's Desong fossils are in Xiaotan Abandoned Courtyard. Yan Qiyazhai said "Worshiping Stone". The rest of the play said that everything has its own owner, and it has been a long time to return to itself, and meet under the mountain in the city, not the story of Liuhou! Be careful not to have a robe and wat as a Shizhang, for fear that Nangong will stay together for a thousand years. Su Zhini laughed and said: "Lao Dian Yanshan does not hesitate to think about it, but the house of the Su family in Tuyi, Shi Yan Yu Baojin, and he walked like this." This matter can be ten years away, Yundu Li Taishi has more than life. The question is like a strange stone, and there is a reason for the sex? Are there any signs before? Have a habit? Shi Youshishou? My generation is ridiculous, and we should know the addiction of negative solitude and peculiarities. Under Zhongzhao’s family boss, according to the light of the sun and moon, living in the gold and Zhang’s place, holding the case and holding the case, holding the plan, and the fist stone, you can read it. To be like this, one does not need to be wealthy, to live in a house where things are going to be done, and to find a good one, so that the stone is passed around and out of the ordinary. Da Zai Suzi and Qi'an had strange stones for Buddha, but this is easy from cakes and baits, such as jujube, chestnut, water chestnut, gorgon, snail on human finger, head of tiger and leopard. Lingshou and Zhongzhao, etc., pour the water from the ink pond and stay at the gate of the town. Wouldn't the stone forest gain weight? Husbands are very beautiful and demon, good at viewing the beauty of the world, and there are many abnormalities in recent times, and they are novel and chasing hobbies. This is also a wise and ingenious person. But the stone is not the case. It is as simple as a wild animal, as cold as a legalist, as gentle as a gentleman, and as simple and rugged as an ancient Chinese character. Zhongzhao is an accurate and talented product, referred to within the sea. His poems, writings and paintings are placed in the sky, and everything you see is nothing more than a stone. I don't fight for what is abandoned by people, and what is left in the world is not taken by me. A room rubs and the mountains are all sounding. Stone is more important to people, and things are passed on by painting. Wen Zhong's paintings are not specific to Dong Taishi's postscript. Lanling Zhang Shiyi. Seal: Shu Meilang, Zhang Shiyi 10. In the winter of Gengxu, the rest of the year is in the capital, and Zhongzhao summons the three paths. There are stone forests in the courtyard, and the paintings and calligraphy boats and Shizhangzhai, the branches and pillars, see nothing but stones. Finally, I got a strange stone, Yu Yihua seat, twisted and embroidered wrongly, looking like the dome of Thailand and China, and looking at it, exploring it like a cloud and Han Wei and changing. Embellished like dew, condensed like mist and rain; the darkness is like the crystal of the golden sky, rotten like a hole in the rosy mark; like a pure body and a clear wave, like a waterfall and a bright glue. The peaks have different sounds. The buckle may be inspired by the sound, or the Tang will answer the Yinming, or the miscellaneous wear is late, or the empty valley is secluded, or the sadness is like a sad jade, or the Zhuxian is like a leap. It makes people change their minds, and they don't know the way. The most beautiful thing in the world, the strange view is also very attractive. In another five years, in the second month of Yi Maozhi, Mr. Li Benning used this volume as a masterpiece, just like seeing an old friend. The scroll is a picture of Wu Wenzhong, where there are ten sides. Xiao Xi is pretty good, but Yu Shi can't do it. Zhongzhao said, Fan eleven. The expression is about to be stunned, it should be true, but Yu Shi could not do it. There are five or six chapters written by famous artists. Citing the evidence, it was wide and hidden, but Yu Shi couldn't find it. I don’t see it personally, who can know it. Later generations knew that this stone was written by its pictures, and they knew that pictures and records could not be used as stones. With the remaining words, this stone is also passed on. The husband is said to be good fortune elves, the characters are half and half, and the marble text is less than the past, because the humanities are gradually opening up. I don't know when this stone will come out, but it will be protected by the gods and will be returned to Zhongzhao to get the smelly ears. Many predecessors were addicted to the ancients, but the good stone began at the end of the Jun family. If there is a Zhongzhao in the world, should there be this stone? In February Yimao, Donghae raised the question. Seal: the seal of the superior, the father of the child 11. People traveled to the Five Sacred Mountains in Ping Ping, without knowing the end, what the unknown mountains possessed, and this life is enough. Yuwei travels all over the Five Sacred Mountains, and does not meet Xiangzi. Gai Jin received the "Fantastic Stone Picture" sent by my friend Shi Mizi, with a beautiful and beautiful posture, a flying scale, a variety of weird, vertical and horizontal and ten-faced, extraordinary spirits, and fantastic ideas. Zhuang Sheng said: "Heaven and earth have a finger, and everything is a horse." One of the five mountains of husband and wife, Juan Shi is also a friend of ancient times and the present, and if so, it is already over. I have a taste of Huangshan, watching the clouds from the alchemy platform, and then seeing the peaks from the stalagmites, which are fantasy rivals. The cloud is moving and the stone is static, the moving is colorful, and the static is the same. The god of good fortune is here. It is said that Yonago is addicted to stone, or it is not stone. Yonzi asked for the question from thousands of miles, and returned it with the title of "Five Sacred Clouds". Yonzi also solves people, like a cloud and stone as a two-viewer, try to ask for Xiangzi. Yimao Tanabata, Wulin Huang Ruheng book. Seal: Huang Ruheng Seal, Jeongbu Family exhibition: 1. "Heaven and Earth in Heaven and Earth: Rosen Bloom's Collection of Chinese Literati Stones", Sackler Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, May 10-July 20, 1997. 2. "Road to Heaven", Stein Museum, Zurich, May-August 1998. 3. "Strange Rocks: Ian and Susan Wilson's Collection of Chinese Stone Appreciation and Cultural Play Exhibition", The Art Institute of Chicago, May 1st-August 1, 1999. 4. "Literature Stone, Garden Art, and Calligraphy and Painting Grand View", Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, February 1-August 20, 2000. 5. "Wu Bin: Ten-faced Lingbi Picture", Los Angeles County Museum, December 10, 2017-June 24, 2018. Description: 1. Xing Dong and Huang Ruheng titled introductory. 2. Mi Wanzhong, Li Weizhen, Dong Qichang, Ye Xianggao, Chen Jiru, Zou Diguang, Zhang Shiyi, Gao Chu, Huang Ruheng, Sa Ying'a, Qiying. 3. Wenfu, Sa Ying'a, Tuohunbu handed over to Tibet. 4. The former collection of the Ten-faced Lingbi Mountain House in North America, number SO110. 5. Mi Wanzhong, Xing Dong, Ye Xianggao, Dong Qichang, Chen Jiru, and Zou Diguang of "Chinese Calligraphy and Painter Seals and Inscriptions" are printed from this volume: 1) The 21st seal of the "Mi Wanzhong" entry "Miwan Zhongzi Zhongzhao", the 22nd seal "Shipi", the 33rd seal "Painting and Calligraphy Boat", and the 44th title "Shiyin'an resident Mi Wanzhong" are all taken from This volume. 2) The 19th seal "Zi Yuan" and the 21st seal "Xing Tong Zhiyin" of the entry "Xing Tong" are taken from this volume. 3) The entry "Ye Xianggao", the first seal "Ziyun Huangchangshanren", the second seal "Ye Xianggao seal", and the third seal "Fu Tang Ye Xianggao" are all taken from this volume. 4) The 122nd title of "Dong Qichang" entry "Dong Qichang" is taken from this volume. 5) The 43rd seal of "Chen Jiru" entry is "Mei Gong", and the 81st title "Baishishanqiao Chen Jiru" is taken from this volume. 6) The third seal of "Zou Diguang" entry "Yanji's", the fourth seal of "Zou Diguangyin", and the fifth title "Zou Diguang" are all taken from this volume. Source: Sotheby's New York, December 6, 1989 Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Special Lot39. This work is in a bonded state and must be picked up in Hong Kong after the transaction. To bid for this lot, please contact the relevant business personnel of our company to apply for a special bid number plate in advance. Note: Please refer to the leaflet for detailed information and research articles of this lot. Painted around 1610
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