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2014 | Acrylic Canvas
139.7×144.8 cm | 2.02 m²
USD 5***
CNY 3*** - 4***
USD 5*** - 6***
KAWS (B.1974) TEE-HEE Made in 2014 acrylic on canvas 139.7 × 144.8 cm Signed: KAWS14 (back) Published: Man's Best Friend, Honor Fraser Gallery, 2014 Exhibition: Man's Best Friend, Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, 2014 Source: Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles Acquired from the above gallery in 2016 by a prominent European collector RMB 3,400,000 - 4,000,000 KAWS  (B.1974) TEE-HEE 2014 acrylic on canvas 55 × 57 in. signed in English and dated 2014 (on the reverse) LITERATURE Man’s Best Friend, Honor Fraser Gallery, 2014 EXHIBITED Man’s Best Friend, Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, 2014 Provenance Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, 2014 European Private Collector Purchased from the Honor Fraser Gallery in 2016 "I hate all those labels. This stuff is just nonsense - I'm just creating. I just feel like when things are moving forward slowly and becoming popular, a lot of people will jump in and want to be part of the trend. But when I look at graffiti artists, or people who make toys, or paint paintings, I just want to focus on what they're making/creating. I want to figure out, 'Is this good or bad?' So whenever I think about myself When I'm creating, I just want to do something good or bad. You know, cartoons are more of an instinctive, visceral emotion for me; in my eyes they're all sorts of flat colored blocks related to my upbringing, my memories. When I paint a painting, I don't think about any narrative or anything like that; it's just a gut feeling, 'This combination feels good; these colors feel good'. If there happens to be a frame outside the picture, people automatically associate it with the cartoon. But it didn't have any context or story setting to it. " —KAWS KAWS's sensitive and accurate feedback to the contemporary online media environment makes him stand at the forefront of art with a unique attitude. KAWS (real name Brian Donnelly) was born in Jersey City, USA in 1974. He started by spraying graffiti on city walls and trains. At the beginning of the 1990s, he moved to Brooklyn, New York, on the other side of the river, and continued to create graffiti through the streets. Immediately, he rose to fame as a creator of urban landscapes, and was regarded as the most prestigious street art godfather by communities such as skateboarding and graffiti. At this time, he found a more vigorous street art style: echoing the rapid expansion of large-scale wall painting advertisements with great public topic effect, KAWS began to create directly on advertising boards and posters in the city. . Through its series of unique characters, KAWS continues to combine them with commercials, expressing a noncommittal yet lighthearted critique and satire of the consumerist beliefs that pervade New York City. He then expanded spray graffiti into sculpture, easel painting and collage; inheriting the legacy of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jeff Koons, rooted in Claes Oldenburg and Murakami The commercial aesthetics of artists such as Long, as well as their personal obsession with graphic design and graffiti, incorporate contemporary pop culture, cartoons and graffiti elements into their artistic vocabulary, expanding their influence from bus stops and phone booths in Brooklyn, New York to the world. KAWS is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and forward-looking contemporary artists widely recognized in the world today. The "TEE-HEE" (onomatopoeic word; embarrassing laughter in English), created in 2014, is a highly recognizable special-shaped canvas and flawless acrylic texture, which comprehensively presents KAWS' unique visual language. This work serializes one of the most influential cartoon animations in the West, several main characters (anthropomorphic sea creatures) in "SpongeBob SquarePants" (1999-present), such as grinning SpongeBob SquarePants, Mr. Red Crab, The pink pie star and other local characteristic graphics are subtly deconstructed and reorganized, supplemented by the x-eye like a signature symbol (usually representing death in cartoons). The sly smile that can be vaguely recognized in it, and the nihilistic and slightly gloomy allegory implied by the x-eye conveys an abrupt and grotesque contrast. The saturated and bright colors of the picture and the artist's confidence in the control of lines and shapes endow the work with a delicate and delicate aesthetic texture. The original familiar images are melted and refined into new visual symbols to reveal the character's experience in this popular animation. The profound process that became an enduring cultural meme years later, perfectly embodies KAWS' deftly probing the extreme boundaries at the intersection of mass pop, commercialism, and hallowed art. KAWS's creation further promotes its concept of "the power of images can transcend the preset scene and establish communication with other fields", and bring it into a more profound and serious public opinion field; breaking the ideological hierarchy between avant-garde and kitsch, through Breathe new life into characters through a variety of mediums including paintings, costumes, limited-edition toys, and large-scale sculptures. His works are collected by prestigious public and private art institutions around the world, including the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth, Texas, CAC Malaga, the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, the Atlanta Museum of Art, and the Rosenborg in Paris. Rum Collection. In addition, the ambitious artist has collaborated with commercial brands such as Dior, Uniqlo, Block Bear, Campana Brothers and more. This further expanded his influence and transformed his art into infinite possibilities in a variety of mediums. KAWS's determination to create an art form accessible to all classes has also led to his works all over the world. Tax The delivery point of this work is Hong Kong, China. For details, please contact the staff of the Modern and Contemporary Art Department of Beijing Yongle Auctions. The work is to be handled and claimed in Hong Kong, China. Please contact Modern and Contemporary Department’s staff for further details.
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26 Jul 2022
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