「38」Pan Tianshou
1958 | ink and color on paper
227×121 cm | 2.75 m²
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1.《賜荃堂藏畫集·第一冊》,圖37,新加坡賜荃堂,1989年版。2.《浙江四大家——吳昌碩 黃賓虹 潘天壽 陸儼少作品集》P168-169,西泠印社出版社,2009年版。3.《杭州日報》品週刊B4版,2009年2月27日出版。4.《美術報》總第797期,第4版,2009年2月28日出版。5.《都市快報》第13版,2009年3月1日出版。6.《點評中國書畫市場》P136,中國文聯出版社,2009年版。7.上海朵雲軒2009年賀卡封面。8.《老年教育》(2009年第九期)P32,《老年教育》雜誌社,2009年版。9.《百代風範·中國現代繪畫藝術典藏大展作品集》P205,西泠印社出版社,2012年版。10.《雪蓮堂藏畫·卷三》P220-221,文物出版社,2015年版。
Author: Pan Tianshou (1897-1971) Size: 227×121cm texture: Year: Painted in 1958 Painted in 1958 Publication: 1. "Ci Tsuen Tang Collection of Paintings · Volume One", picture 37, Singapore Ci Tsuen Tang, 1989 edition. 2. "The Four Greatest Masters in Zhejiang-Wu Changshuo, Huang Binhong, Pan Tianshou, and Lu Yanshao Collection" P168-169, Xiling Yinshe Publishing House, 2009 edition. 3. "Hangzhou Daily" Pin Weekly B4, published on February 27, 2009. 4. "Art News" total issue 797, fourth edition, published on February 28, 2009. 5. The 13th edition of "Urban Express", published on March 1, 2009. 6. "Review on the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Market" P136, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Press, 2009 edition. 7. Shanghai Duoyunxuan 2009 greeting card cover. 8. "Education for the Elderly" (9th issue in 2009) P32, "Education for the Elderly" magazine, 2009 edition. 9. "Perfect Style: Collection of Collections of Modern Chinese Painting Art Exhibition" P205, Xiling Yinshe Publishing House, 2012 edition. 10. "Xueliantang Tibetan Painting·Volume 3" P220-221, Cultural Relics Publishing House, 2015 edition.
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