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Maternité II
1899 | Oil Burlap
94.7×61 cm | 0.58 m²
Estimate on request
Details PAUL GAUGUIN (1848-1903) Maternity II signed and dated ‘Paul Gauguin 1899’ (lower right) oil on burlap 37 1/4 x 24 inches. (94.7 x 61 cm.) Painted in Tahiti in Provenance The artist; Estate sale, Papeete, 2 September 1903, lot Jean Cochin, Paris (acquired at the above sale). Denys Cochin, Paris (1906). Galerie Bernheim-Jeune et Cie., Paris (acquired from the above, February 28, 1910). Alphonse Kann, Paris (acquired from the above, 28 February 1910). (possibly) Michel Manzi, Paris (circa 1915). Dikran Khan Kelakian, Paris and New York (by 1920); sale, American Art Association, New York, January 30-31, 1922, lot 152. Bourgeois Gallery, Paris (acquired at the above sale). Adolph Lewisohn, New York (1926). Sam Lewisohn, New York (circa 1942). Wildenstein & Co. Inc., New York (acquired from the above, 1942). Mrs. McCarthy Henry Huttleston Rogers Jr . (acquired from the above, 1943, until at least 1948). Wildenstein & Co. Inc., New York (acquired from above). Edwin C. and Florence Vogel, New York (acquired from the above, 1952). David Rockefeller, New York (acquired from above, 1956). John Seward Sr. and Barbara Piasecka Johnson, Princeton (acquired from the above, circa 1975, until at least 1990). Nevill Keating Pictures, Ltd., London. Private collection (acquired circa 1997); sale, Sotheby's, New York, 4 November 2004, lot 15 (world auction record for the artist at the time of sale). Acquired at the above sale by the late owner. Literature Vizzavona, ed., Review: Works of Paul Gauguin; Photographs by E. Druet, Brittany, vol. 1 (illustrated). Vizzavona, ed., Review: Works of Paul Gauguin; Photographs by E. Druet, Miscellaneous Works, vol. 8 (illustrated twice). V. Segalen, "Gauguin in His Last Décor" in Mercure de France, June 1904, no. 174, p. 682. C.J. McCarthy Holmes, Notes on the Post-Impressionist Painters: Grafton Galleries, 1910-1911, London, 1910, pp. 23-24, no. 41 (titled Negresses). D. 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9 Nov 2022
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