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「126」Chen Fei
Hard Work To Get Rich
2008 | Acrylic Canvas
200×180.5 cm | 3.61 m²
USD 6***
CNY 2*** - 3***
USD 4*** - 5***
Chen Fei b.1983 hard work to get rich Made in 2008 200 x 180.5cm acrylic on canvas Inscription: Diligent to get rich; 2008 chen acrylic on canvas (back of painting) Published "BAD TASTE Bad Taste", Schaefer Gallery, Hong Kong, published in 2010, p. 22; "Latitude/Attitude: 20th Anniversary Exhibition of Schaefer Gallery", Schaefer Gallery, Hong Kong, published in 2012, p. 31; CHEN FEI, Distanz Verlag, Germany, 2016, pp. 30-31 Exhibition "BAD TASTE Bad Taste", Schaefer Gallery, Hong Kong, 2012; "Latitude/Attitude - 20th Anniversary Exhibition of Schaefer Gallery", Schaefer Gallery, Hong Kong, 2012 Provenance   Asian Private Collection Chen Fei was born in Hongdong, Shanxi Province in 1983. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2005 and now lives and works in Beijing. As a representative of post-80s artists, his overall painting aesthetic is deeply influenced by mainstream culture, especially manga and anime. His narrative paintings are often fanciful, with a more or less unusual structure. Thematically, he is very good at translating elements from his personal life into surreal or hyperrealistic collages. As an artist, Chen Fei pays more attention to himself rather than grand history. But at the same time he offers his own interpretation of today's globalized culture under rapid economic growth, boldly questioning collective taste and social evolution. There is a very sharp dark humor in his work that infuses his vibrant, self-centered vision as an artist. He systematically displays the self-image in most of his works and tries to change the ancient tradition of self-portrait. Masterpieces that re-examine the history of Eastern and Western art are also important motifs in his works, and he is particularly good at integrating personal life into classics, resulting in a witty yet ironic collision. The experience of studying in the Fine Arts Department of Beijing Film Academy in the early years had a great influence on Chen Fei's creation. His paintings often have a cinematic feel. The conception stage is like making a "script", character description is like selecting actors, and the picture effect is like a movie. Each frame is clear, concise and full of storytelling. And "Industry to Get Rich" is one of the representative works of stills. This oil painting was created in 2008 and took two years to complete. Citing the historical allusion to "mother-in-law tattooing" as a mother, the work depicts a modern-wearing long-haired woman lettering behind a heavily tattooed, shaved man. Using the image of a young woman to replace the image of the mother in the original allusion, the artist has weakened the sense of discipline that the elders have over the younger generation, and the underlined characters have also become "hard-working to get rich" focusing on individual growth in the economic society. ". He outlines the picture with simple lines, presenting a concise and easy-to-understand story and appreciation. Based on the classic shape, he uses the vocabulary of contemporary art to complete the creation with personal characteristics.
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24 Jul 2022
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