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「1103」Huang Yuxing
River | Rain Of The Seine
145×230 cm | 3.33 m²
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Signed: HUANG Yuxing 14 "River" is an important motif in Huang Yuxing's works, which stems from his thinking on "time" - that is, "flowing water" represents the flow of time. The irreversible and eternal flow of the river is like time, with almost decisive indifference, while the bubbles produced by the river are tiny products rolled up by the surging currents, born and destroyed in an instant, indicating a tragic color based on fatalism. In this regard, the artist condenses the fleeting moment of water flow into an infinite artistic expression. Huang Yuxing's creation of "river" can be traced back to 2008. At this time, he was still in the period of black and white and monochrome. After the idea of taking "river" as the object, he began to use "yellow" and "black" as the main colors, and painted some faces, heads, and organs on the river. Wander and float. After that, "River" gradually evolved into a relatively complete and independent creative theme, which has become a continuous creative object that he has always loved. It can be said that the continuous deepening of the theme of "River" stems from Huang Yuxing's inner wait and see, which also condenses his experience of the passage of time. "river Rain on the Seine (Lot 1103), created in 2014, is an extremely rare rain scene in the river series. In the horizontal and vertical dimensions, the picture is formed by the interweaving of two opposing forms of curved and straight lines. Countless water droplets fall vertically on the water surface. Another never-ending journey. Using the most basic modeling element of "line", the artist forms a complex and rhythmic picture structure in the interactive relationship of flow, intersection, and circulation, which makes the agility and subtlety of the rain scene appear on the canvas. In terms of color, this work also adheres to the artist's iconic color technique. Through the superposition and blending of high-purity fluorescent colors, the colorful auxiliary colors and blue as the main color complement each other, creating a song in the flow and collision. A joyous, delightful visual symphony. At the same time, the artist also rarely works in "River" In Rain on the Seine (Lot 1103), two incompatible painting materials, acrylic and oil, are used at the same time. With his superb skills in controlling different media, Huang Yuxing fully exploited the respective physical properties of the two materials to achieve a perfect visual balance between thick and thin, thick and thin, fusion and repulsion, dissociation and aggregation. Mysterious and poetic picture atmosphere. In the magnificent picture, the common painting theme of "rain scene" and the real space represented by it are endowed with a surreal meaning by the artist. For Huang Yuxing, the relationship between rainwater and rivers just implies a cycle and cycle of life—water molecules evaporate from the river and turn into rain. After going through the circulation, the rain will return to the body of the river fatefully due to the guidance of gravity, which is all things. In the irreversible passage of time, the migration of water molecules makes the river never die, and at the same time gives the river new life and shape - those lonely moments, the flow of time, the sigh of sadness, and even the pleasure and immersion of rebirth The ecstasy of Huang Yuxing was recorded in Huang Yuxing's paintings. After the "River" series, Huang Yuxing once again overturned the image style of the past and created the bizarre "Treasure" series in 2016. In the "Treasure" series, there are some strange-shaped and colorful unknown crystals. Large and small elliptical crystals collide and squeeze each other in the deep plane space, and are constantly separated and fused, finally giving birth to countless possibilities, as if The process of the birth of cosmic civilization, this series, in Huang Yuxing's view, is a reflection on wisdom, civilization and energy. Made in 2014
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25 Jul 2022
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