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「2101」Huang Yuxing
Tree Of Life
2017 | Acrylic Canvas
220×300 cm | 6.60 m²
USD 5***
CNY 1*** - 2***
USD 2*** - 3***
Huang Yuxing (B.1975) tree of Life Made in 2017 acrylic on canvas 220 × 300 cm Signature: Huang Yuxing 2017 RMB 1,500,000 - 2,500,000 HUANG YUXING (B.1975) Tree of Life 2017 acrylic on canvas 86 5/8 × 118 1/8 in. signed in pinyin and dated 2017 Visual metaphors under the image of life —Huang Yuxing’s artistic practice "Fluorescent color is the unique color of our era. In traditional easel painting, there is no such color system. It has a special meaning. It is like a kind of vitality that has been concentrated or stimulated. It's the color I need and the feel I need, so you'll find it." —Huang Yuxing If the elements such as trees, rivers, and bubbles are the most recognizable visual codes in Huang Yuxing's paintings, then the fusion of fluorescent colors and ordinary colors constitutes the unique formal language and visual tension of his paintings, immersing the viewer in the Weird and bizarre world. Different from the exploration of conceptual language by other contemporary artists, Huang Yuxing focused more on the spiritual perception brought about by personal experience, trying to reveal, through the observation and description of the images of life in nature, about the individual, More profound philosophy of life, such as growth and politics. This is a narrative structure from the individual to the society, from the micro to the macro, from the inside to the outside. In the countless natural enlightenment and spiritual redemption, an artistic language with infinite imagination and multiple metaphors has been condensed. Throughout Huang Yuxing's creative line, his paintings are mainly based on the learning background of traditional techniques such as murals, calligraphy and Chinese painting, combined with the cultural foundation of art history, and gradually developed his own creative logic, that is, "synthesis-disassembly- Deepening - Comprehensive". From the fusion of natural elements and the appropriation of ready-made images in the early "Log" series; and the departure from established image norms in the "Physiological Research" and "Life History" series; The series of "Treasure" and other series deepen the relationship between the body and the world, emphasizing the identity as a "human" and the self-worth of life. The pictures have dynamic shapes, bright colors and deformed patterns, coupled with sensory illusions, various expressions and emotional expressions, and gradually construct their own painting style and artistic quality. As he said, "This is actually a process of constantly discovering and affirming oneself." Through continuous accumulation of knowledge and time memory, one can capture the purest traces of growth and life whispers in this ever-changing world. The "Ground of Trees" series began in 2010, and is connected and distinguished from the concurrent series of "River" and "Treasure". "Ground of Trees" mainly expresses the artistic concept related to the growth of life. This "Tree of Life" is one of the works in this series. The part of the picture has fertile soil and is inlaid with different rocks. The trees are briefly summarized in the form of cones, which are scattered on the ground, and their interiors are The geometric shapes of different shapes are combined with each other, resembling the internal cells and skeletal structures of plants, showing an upside-down state as a whole. Here, Huang Yuxing reproduces the natural landscape in an abstract way, using bright fluorescent colors, flowing lines and exaggerated brushstrokes to radiate the strong vitality of the trees. At the same time, it also coincides with the neon lights in the artificial city, which are colorful and stand in the middle, highlighting the close connection between people and the environment. The inverted form used in the picture is reminiscent of the inverted paintings of the Neo-Expressionist painter Georg Baselitz. The inversion makes the power to be emphasized, and it has more visual impact than the upright form, diluting and ignoring its inner narrative and symbolic meaning. However, in Huang Yuxing's paintings, these lush and colorful bushes are alternative portraits of human beings. The alienated bushes carry the images and attitudes from birth to death in the growth stage, while the mud-like soil and scattered stones represent the outside world. The constraints of being and the shackles of freedom. It always reminds people that even in the face of such difficult difficulties and setbacks, they should enjoy the journey of life in the bright colors.
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26 Jul 2022
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