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「1339」Sun Hao
Thousands Of Waters And Thousands Of Mountains
2019 | chinese ink on paper Jing Xin
280×800 cm | 22.40 m²
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CNY 3*** - 5***
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Form: Mirror Heart  ink on paper Dimensions: 280.0 x 800.0 cm. 110 1/4 x 315 in. Approx. 201.6 square feet Year of creation: 2019 Seal: Reorganizing the mountains and rivers for future generations Exhibition: 1. "Spring is born in summer - Chinese Contemporary Ink Art Invitational Exhibition", Beijing Yimei Art Museum, 2019; 2. "Following Traces - Contemporary Art Exhibition", Rongbaozhai, Beijing, 2021. Every generation has its own limitations and helplessness. Any ideal is not so easy to achieve, so many things need to be done solidly from generation to generation. If we can't do it in one generation, then we will contribute all the strength of this life. Lay a good foundation for the future, maybe our next generation or the next generation can realize even greater ideals. Express the picture in your mind: the frame unfolds like a movie wide-screen shot, and a man with a steel-like back stands there, with muscles like mountains, reflecting his brave and deep heart, he Holding a white horse and taking dreams as the horse, it represents the expectation and the distance. The vertical standing of a person is compared with the horizontal looking back of the horse, which is a metaphor for the opening and closing of life. He stood on a few solid shore boulders, looking at a vast world, filled with emotion. —Sun Hao love you from the wild No one's light is borrowed in my life you will build your city on top of the ruins Go, go, with the humblest dream War? War? With the most lonely dream —Excerpt from Eason Chan﹃The Lonely Brave﹄ Lyrics
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29 Jun 2022
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