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「122」Huang Yuxing
Starry Sky
2018 | Acrylic Canvas
115×170 cm | 1.95 m²
USD 6***
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Huang Yuxing b.1975 starry sky Made in 2018 115 x 170cm acrylic on canvas Mark: Huang Yuxing 18 (painted back) Provenance Asian Private Collection "I once thought of a theme that I thought would be particularly suitable for my life biography, the long bridge under the waterfall. I once fantasized about a very dripping waterfall, and there was a long bridge under the waterfall. I walked over this bridge, My life is like that." "Painting can show the sense of loneliness, and it relieves one's own pressure" Huang Yuxing was born in an intellectual family. His father was in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, his mother was in the Ministry of Information Industry, and his sister studied architectural design. He said that he liked drawing since kindergarten. After graduating from the Department of Mural Painting at CAFA, his family hoped to send him to study in France, but at this time he was intent on going to India. Ask him what his impression of France is: the powdery smell is very heavy, and even a little repelling the elegant Western temperament that he feels when he learns French. "Becoming a professional artist" is not a particularly difficult or tangled decision for Huang Yuxing, because there is no other way of life that appeals to him. Huang Yuxing developed a strong interest in Tibetan culture and Buddhism since his college days. In 1997, in the new semester of his freshman year, he came to Tibet for the first time, and was introduced by the staff of the Tibet Office in Beijing to live and study with Tibetan students in a local middle school. Staying at home: families of Lhasa residents, rural families in Shannan area, and border families in Yadong area. He also studied Tibetan in the temple, thoroughly integrated into it, and became the local king of children. During this period, we can observe the children begging for food, the wandering hawkers, and the monks in the temple, all getting along with each other delicately and harmoniously. Once the monks in the temple were allotted several bags of hada to sell according to the quota, and a portion was also distributed to Huang Yuxing. Mainland tourists asked him in Chinese how to sell hada, and Huang Yuxing told the tourists in Tibetan: "I don't understand." The "journey" and ethnic customs of Tibet are not directly reflected in Huang Yuxing's paintings, but have become his spiritual core. From the very beginning, full of mysterious yearnings to real and vivid contacts, he has gone through a subversive human experience from beginning to end, realizing many gaps between imagination and reality. During the two months in Tibet, his family thought he was playing in Qinghai Lake because he was afraid of his parents' worries. "I've since believed—should believe in my own knowledge, very much in what I feel from my situation and life, and I recognize that it is true." During his adolescence, Huang Yuxing always felt that he was out of tune with this society and different from his peers. The observation of subtle things in the depths of his heart attracted him to think about the composition of all things in the world, to feel the wonderful connection between nature and life, and to question the established rules of reality and mainstream. Solitude and icy coldness became the base colors in his early creative stages, with a metallic silvery twilight on the texture of the cloth. Huang Yuxing once recalled in the interview: "They agreed that girls who are more suitable for me chase after me, and they think it is very good. In fact, in front of others, I have to make up a character and make up a reason for not accepting it." Your worldview cannot communicate with the outside world, it is like a gulf. All kinds of deep-rooted stereotypes spread in our lives. All kinds of problems, many people know the solution, but they can't implement it." "You found out you liked your best friend, and that deep sense of guilt kept me in pain for a long time. The real relief was when the internet started, and a lot of things became clear, but it was too late." To a certain extent, art has the function of "confession", which visually relieves the feelings achieved by repression. The same theme does not exist in Huang Yuxing's works, but there are fixed clues. He creates the whole picture in the air of freedom, which is as real and unpretentious as the needs of the physiological level. With the gradual stabilization of his personal life and feelings, from the stage of "Light and Habitat", the colors shone into his canvases like rays of light, becoming more and more splendid. "I once thought of a theme that I thought would be particularly suitable for my life biography, the long bridge under the waterfall. I once fantasized about a very dripping waterfall, and there was a long bridge under the waterfall. I walked over this bridge, My life is like that." The psychedelic and arbitrary fluorescent colors and high-saturation contrasting tones have become the eye-catching iconic symbols in Huang Yuxing's works. They are bright and fresh. Once they break into the canvas, they never want to leave. From this "Starry Sky" created in 2018, we can once again explore Huang Yuxing's deep and lasting thoughts on the themes of river, night sky and blood. He cites a passage from Kant to explain the idea that attracts such creations: There are two things, the more deeply and persistently I think about them, the more amazement and awe they evoke in my mind, the more and more the The starry sky above and the moral law in the heart. Uninterrupted, without boundaries, starry sky, hills, rivers, integrated into one. Acrylic paintings are not as heavy as oil paintings. Each brush quickly condenses into a fixed shape, captures the moment of beauty, and leaves it on the canvas, every millimeter is different. Seemingly abstract, but also like the electrocardiogram presented by blood circulation, ups and downs, empathy. Or depression, or brilliant, high and low, intertwined with light and dark, all-encompassing. It's all about "time". More and more viewers and artists tend to pay attention to the "concept" brought about by figurative objects on the screen, and Huang Yuxing's paintings just don't have this feature. Everything on the canvas is flowing, creating a distinct sense of silent dynamism. I can't help but think of Van Gogh's starry sky. The painting technique makes the static image show the imaginative space that extends beyond the picture, and I sigh how exquisite the artist's good intentions are. "Starry Sky" is Huang Yuxing's typical representative theme in the entire creative period, and he uses very cautious colors to release a wider color gamut. While immersed in darkness, beautiful and sudden events flash like rays of light, unexpected visits, receiving a baptism with time, and running forward forever, the stars are bright and bright.
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24 Jul 2022
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