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「131」Yan Bing
Five Of Five Cows
2011 | oil painting Canvas
160×280 cm | 4.48 m²
USD 4***
CNY 1*** - 2***
USD 2*** - 3***
Yan Bing b.1980 Five of five cows Made in 2011 160 x 280cm oil on canvas Exhibition "Agricultural Poems: Yan Bing Solo Exhibition", White Box Art Museum, Beijing, 2012 Provenance   Asian Private Collection Yan Bing was born in Tianshui, Gansu Province in 1980. He graduated from the third studio of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. He currently lives and works in Beijing. His paintings usually directly use ordinary or even primitive everyday objects as materials, and use brushstrokes to probe into the spiritual dimension of these ordinary objects. Under the appearance of these everyday objects, hidden is the artist's temperature of cognition of life. The emotions revealed in Yan Bing's works are complex, and the simplicity and simplicity are permeated with perception and speculation, pain and joy. In these works exuding "ancient", hidden his profound thinking on the relationship between individual experience and the current living world. His observation of things is unusually sensitive and delicate, and he makes good use of the method of "enlargement" as the result of earnest staring. This work comes from a series of cowhide-themed works created by the artist in 2011. Before that, Yan Bing had stopped creating easel paintings and turned to installation art for quite some time. He didn't start the series of blacksmith paintings until he heard that his uncle was about to close the blacksmith's shop. The cowhide imagery followed closely. The cow is a typical image in farming civilization. In the past rural experience and poverty experience, the image of the cow is often more like a family member, and people often use the cow as a metaphor to express their suffering. The artist focuses on the feeling of staring and touching the cow at a close distance, using the texture of the cowhide and the inexplicable pattern stains as the painting objects to deal with the relationship between reality and abstraction. When you look at something, it takes over the entirety of your vision, and what I paint is the experience of watching the gaze. Everything is accidental and inevitable. — Yan Bing
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24 Jul 2022
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