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4096 Farben
1974 | Lacquer Canvas
254×254 cm | 6.45 m²
USD 1*** - 2***
Description Property from an Esteemed Private Collection Gerhard Richter b. 1932 4096 colors signed, titled, dated 1974 and numbered 359 (on the reverse) lacquer on canvas 100 by 100 in. 254 by 254 cm. Executed in 1974. Provenance Heiner Friedrich Gallery, Munich Private Collection, New York Wilkens-Jacobs Gallery, Cologne Jerry and Emily Spiegel, New York (acquired from the above) Christie's, New York, 11 May 2004, lot 34 (consigned by the above) Acquired from the above sale by the present ownerLiterature Wolfgang Max Faust and Gerd de Vries, "Gerhard Richter," Hunger for Pictures, Cologne, 1982, no. 10, illustrated in color Peter M. 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Auction date:
18 May 2023
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