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「9」Hernan Bas
Dawn Of Modernity
2016 | Acrylic birch Canvas
213.4 x 182.9cm x 3; Overall:213.4 x 548.6 cm
USD 2***
HKD 8*** - 1***
USD 1*** - 1***
Signed: HB 16 (bottom right) Source: 1. Leh Maupin Gallery, Hong Kong, 2017; 2. Important private collection. Exhibition: Hernan Bass: Life in Florida, SCAD Art Gallery, Savannah, USA, 2017. "I think successful paintings are always on the verge of falling apart. The collapse and challenge is what makes it fun." — Hernan Bass Born in Miami, Florida, USA in 1978, Hernan Bass is a highly regarded international artist. Bass is well-known for his colorful and complex narrative paintings. His absurd fantasies are all-encompassing. With rich surreal elements and magnificent colors, he vividly brings out the bizarre world of fantasy on paper. From medieval religious paintings, classic modernist literature to popular cultural elements, the details and storytelling that Hernan Bass pours into each painting can make people stop for a long time. Reality and resonance are felt in the picture. Watching Bass' works is like spying on an intercepted life of someone else. We don't see a theme in it, we only capture a mood or an atmosphere that makes us want to explore that world. Dawn of Modernity is a large-scale representation of the artist, depicting a scene of a beautiful young man in a lush tropical environment, paying homage to his native Florida. Thin, male protagonists between adolescence and adulthood are recurring subjects in his paintings. They are often alone in contemplation or gazing off-screen, or lost in dangerous and chaotic post-apocalyptic scenes. The sensual and indifferent male subject in the work is out of tune with the surrounding environment, and at the same time blends in with the surrounding environment. This tension is further deepened through the repetition and rich use of form and formal elements. Using camp aesthetics—bright colors and decorative themes—as a key means of exploring the codification of meaning, the artist uses the romantic scenes in his works as metaphors for emotional fluctuations, accurately capturing seasonal moments of youth. The big pink bird in the work is also one of the motifs of the "Florida Life" series. The artist introduced new sculptural elements in the form of flamingos, extending his interest in creating absurdly tragicomic environments. Passionate brushstrokes and soft tones, filled with poetic narration, make the works full of youthful sentimentality, aestheticism, indulgence and confusion. In Bath’s paintings, the melancholy youth lives in an instinctive and sensual utopian world. The person in the painting is in a gorgeous scene, but the scene seems to be full of unknown crises, as if the boy is about to be swallowed up, which makes people feel anxious and uneasy. The teenagers in his works are also growing up in an environment of hidden dangers. From the firm eyes of the boy, we can see his courage not to be afraid of hardships and dangers, which also hints at the new journey that Bass is constantly embarking on. Bath draws inspiration from history, literature and contemporary culture, reimagining and interpreting it. The whimsical wonderland he constructed on the canvas is not only born out of individual experience and interest, but also inspired by the history of painting and early literary works. The poetic decadence in the works of the representative writers of aestheticism in the 19th century, Huysmans and Oscar Wilde, infiltrates Paris. Bass' pictures, the narrative in Redon and Klimt's paintings are the nourishment of Bass, and the magnificence of Monet's garden inspires Bass to play colorful colors. Under the classical and romantic filter, 19th-century playboys, lonely youths, and collector explorers are given contemporary rebirth through Bath's imagination and visual reshaping of literary poetry, with a trace of sadness in the beauty. As the most popular young artist in recent years, Bass has been favored by many collectors, including the most influential British collector Charles Saatchi, French luxury goods tycoon Bernard Arnault and Hollywood superstar Leon Nado DiCaprio et al. Acrylic on canvas and mounted on birch frame Signed in initial and dated 2016. PROVENANCE: 1. Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Hong Kong, 2017; 2.Important private collection. EXHIBITED: Savannah, United States, SCAD Museum of Art, Hernan Bas: Florida Living, 2017.
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27 Nov 2022
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