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Whisky Of Distinction | Port Ellen & Brora: Casks From A Bygone Era
GBP 2,952,188
Close rate: 97.50% (78/80)
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Auction introduction: Sotheby’s first whisky auction of 2022 in London is led by two truly exceptional casks offered directly from the producer. Port Ellen and Brora’s reputations precede them as two of the most collectible whiskies in the Scotch category, not only for the fact that their spirit is from a bygone era of whisky-making - after both distilleries began a nearly 40-year period of closure in 1983 – but also for the sheer quality of their output. Both casks, from the 1970s and 1980s respectively, are offered alongside exclusive experiences and the opportunity to age the whisky for a further five years before bottling. A percentage of the proceeds from these lots will be donated to CARE International. CARE is a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. These casks are supported by Scotch and Japanese Whiskies from the most highly regarded distilleries including such rare offerings as a full set of The Macallan in Lalique Six Pillars and a Monochrome Joker from the closed Hanyu Distillery.