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Hong Ren
A Chinese painter from the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, he was born in Shexian County of Anhui Province, with the common surname Jiang and the name Tao. He has styled himself as Liuqi, also known as Fang Meng. After the death of the Ming Dynasty, he became a monk in Wuyi Mountain of Fujian, and his Buddhist name was Hongren, styled himself as Wuzhi, also named Jianjiang, Mei Hua Gu Na. He is good at painting landscapes, who has first learned from the style of Song Dynasty, and his late style tend to towards Xiao Yuncong, Ni Zan and others. He has painted rocks in Huang Mountain as the founder of Xin'an Painting School. He also paint plum flower and and bamboos and writing poetries. Together with Shi Tao, Rucan, and Bada Shanren, they are called “The Four Monks In The Early Qing Dynasty”.