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Li Yushuang Born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu in 1935, he is the eldest son of Li Keran, a master of traditional Chinese painting. His mother, Su E, is the eldest daughter of Su Shaoqing, a famous opera artist in Shanghai. In 1956, Li Yushuang, who graduated from Beijing Machinery Manufacturing School, was assigned to teach engineering mechanics at Zhengzhou Machinery Manufacturing School. In the same year, he went to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Shipbuilding for further study. In his spare time, he insisted on artistic creation. During this period, he mainly created watercolor paintings, mostly depicting the scenery of the school and surrounding villages. He created a large number of watercolor paintings and sketches with natural scenery as the theme. In 1968, he was transferred to Lushan, Henan, and began to sketch in Lushan, Pingdingshan and other places. In 1971, Li Yushuang began to study the relationship between human vision and art, made related models and tried visual experiments, and gradually formed a set of unique observation methods and painting systems. Li Yushuang called it the "light coding" painting method. In Li Yushuang's "light coding" theory, what constitutes all things in nature in human eyes is not the inherent "shape" of objects, but the combination of color information transmitted to the human brain by "light" in a unique encoding form. The combination of these information is decoded by the human brain to form a recognizable object image. The moment ordinary people see an object, the brain has decoded the light code, so what they see is a specific "shape". Li Yushuang's "light coding" painting method presents the color information before decoding, thereby getting rid of the dependence of painting on "shape" and directly entering the most essential state of all things in nature. Returned to Beijing in 1986. Gradually began to explore the use of ink, acrylic and other comprehensive materials, to explore the expressive power of Chinese materials for color, and insisted that the sketch creation never stopped. Mr. Li Yushuang believes that the painting system and the cognitive system are the same system. The process of painting is the cognition of the world and life, and his painting is his life itself. For more than 60 years, he has devoted himself to scientific research and painting art, and loves nature almost like a pilgrimage. For more than 60 years, Mr. Li Yushuang has been doing sketch creation and independent research with nature as the only theme. In Li Yushuang's view, "light coding" is the initial message that God conveyed to human beings, and he just faithfully presented these messages without any increase or decrease. And his ability to see "light coding" is the result of his long-term unremitting observation training based on visual research. His paintings are neither mechanical "painting objects" nor subjective "painting mental images". His vision has gone beyond the light and shadow of painting, and touched the nature of the universe and everything in the universe. During the artistic journey of exploring the mystery of "light coding", Li Yushuang saw an endless world.
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