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Cai Wanlin has a very different life experience from others, as his past life experience is accompanied by a mix of identities, he is an investor, the founder and director of an art institution, as well as an entrepreneur in the Internet era, and a renowned art collector. He is remembered by many for the breadth of his collection, the huge investment he made, and his unique vision. He received the first over 100 million pieces of modern Chinese artwork, initiated the first modern art investment fund, and his collection of Huang Binhong's work "Yellow Peaks and Peaks" was sold for $345 million in 2017, setting a world record for the auction price of a single work by Huang Binhong. Cai Wanlin has been engaged in art creation for a long time, but really set foot in a professional art institution in 2020 with his solo exhibition "The Model of Emptiness and Silence" in 798 Art Zone, which announced the birth of the image of "yy" and the transformation of Cai Wanlin's identity as a contemporary artist. Cai Wanlin's personal experience has accompanied the process of Chinese contemporary society. From the idealism of the 1980s to the wave of entrepreneurship in the 1990s, to the Internet and real estate era after 2000, and the media era today, Cai Wanlin has used his own experience and sense of travel through the times to create the image of "yy", linking the emotions of life and times of several generations.
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