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Ren Renfa
An official, water conservator, and painter of Yuan Dynasty in China, styled himself as Ziming, also named Yue Shan Dao Ren, from Qinglong Town, Qingpu District in Shanghai. He was the First-Degree Scholars of the third year of Song Xianchun, and later entered the post of Deputy Envoy of Shui Yongtian in Yuan Dynasty and Deputy Envoy of Xuanwei of Eastern Zhejiang Province. Besides being an official, he is engaged in painting, studied under Li Beihai in calligraphy and with Li Gonglin in paintings. He is good at painting pommel horses, character stories, flowers and birds, etc. He is comparable to Zhao Mengfu in terms of horse painting skills. The Palace Museum's painting collection has several exquisite works; the figures are vivid.