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Wen Ling, born in Beijing in 1976, graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has held exhibitions at the National Art Museum of China, the Power Station of Art in Shanghai, the Art Museum of the Nanjing University of the Arts, the Linshe Future Gallery in Taipei, the Beijing Commune, and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. His works are collected by Shanghai Art Museum and many other institutions and collectors. He has tried animation, photography, comics, etc., and constantly wants to find the irreplaceability of "Wen Ling" as a human being. Through these media, he has created an idealized, innocent memory between childhood and adulthood. Survival in a world between realities. In 2001, he opened the earliest photography blog "" in China. He is one of the founders of the famous painting community "Green School", and he is also a representative person who started to explore and practice with Zine and private publishing in the early days. He can always make changes sensitively in the face of changes in popular media and online communities. Wen Ling has always hoped to disseminate his creations as widely as possible, so that more people can enter his works and reject the sense of distance that contemporary art brings to ordinary audiences. From small emojis on social platforms to wrapping buildings with digital flags, Wen Ling spreads his worldview and character DNA through his works. The full name of the FMB series is Full Moon Boy, also known as Mooncake Face. The picture depicts a very everyday scene where the protagonist is holding a plate with hamburgers and Coke. The striking striped background originally originated from Wen Ling's encounter with Aboriginal paintings in Australia, and then evolved step by step for him to use, and became an important element in this series of works, and it is also consistent with the artist's early camouflage series. Echoing each other from a distance.
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